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Lodge 49 Season 3 Renewal Status. When is the Renewal Date?

Immediately you hear about Jim Gavin, then Lodge 49 should click your mind. He is the creator of the series and the play. He has done a perfect adoption of the comedy and then did a combination of drama. He has worked with another producer to make the play a success. Paul Giamatti is the core producer and has reliable experience with making serials.  

The play has been on the screens under the cable television. It is a network of the AMC and has been in the states for some time. Lodge 49 has a total of 20 episodes which managed to air between 2018 august 6th and 2018 October 14th.

The production companies involved were: touchy-feely, Byrnes: Ooko and company: AMO STUDIOS.

It is an inspiration from “the crying of lot 49” novella by Thomas Pynchon. it is a story about a guy named Sean Dudley, nicknamed “dud,” an ex-surfer. He is falling apart after the family business collapse, and his father dies. Sean later joins a secret society by the name order of the Lynx, hoping to find solace and get back his life as it was before that is a happy life.

Will the Lodge 49 Season 3 Be Renewed or Cancelled?

Aired on 2nd   with a successful season of the comedy-drama in 2019.

During the 1st and 2nd season, it was praised for its mix of mundane and mystical and shows.

Season 2 was no different.

Rotten tomatoes have been responsible for doing the review for the episodes. It has been good because the performance has not been bad. The first season got a rating of 86%. It was very high when you compare it to the performance of the other serials.


On the other hand, season two did a marvelous performance. It attained a rating of 100%, which has turned out to be a great play and quite adaptable. Many people have had a chance to watch the comedy, which is indeed a nice one.  

Despite the positive reviews from the audience and good ratings, the lodge 49 seasons were canceled after the second season in 2019. The reason for its cancellation is not very clear as the makers did not have much to explain.

Release Date of Lodge 49

There is no release date for season 3 of lodge 49 since the series was canceled after its second season. However, the makers may still go back to the kitchen and prepare something good. There are very high chances that the makers will come up with something similar or slightly different. 

The Cast of Lodge 49 Season 3

There was no addition of any characters throughout the seasons, and no characters were also dropped. The lead characters remained constant. The character was:

  1. Wyatt Rusell as Sean Dudley is fondly known as “Dud,” an ex-surfer who joins lodge 49 in the hope of restoring his life and living a happy life as before.
  2. Brent Jenning is Ernie Fontaine lodge 49 member who makes sales in plumbing.
  3. Sonya Cassidy is Liz Dudley, a waitress, and also she is the twin sister to Sean.
  4. Linda Emond is one who assumed the role of Connie Clark in the play. She happens to be in the serial lodge with 49 members and a journalist by profession.
  5. David pasquesi, on the other hand, has delivered an outstanding character with the assumption of Blaise st. John. He is very good and has a manageable character, so he is a philosopher and a regular member of the crew.
  6. Eric Allan Kramer has done the role of Scott wright excellently. A lodge 49 crew participant and a patrol officer at the long beach port. Serving his character at the beach makes him the best choice for the role as he does it passionately.

The Plot

The lodge 49 series is about a young man named Sean Dudley, fondly known as “dud,” an ex-surfer. He gets depressed after the family business collapses and his father dies. By luck, he finds himself at lodge 49’s doorstep, a secret society that sells low-cheap beer and holds strange science-based philosophies.

Lodge 49 is Antodiluvian and benevolent order of the lynx’s home, a dirty secret society. He meets Ernie, nicknamed “the luminous knight, “who becomes his mentor. Dud and Ernie get connected and together find themselves deep into the secret society uncovering their darkest secrets, their mysteries, and the people involved. Dud discovers the missing parts of his life and is faced with deep fear and hopes of a better future engulf him.


Lodge 49 can be perceived as an unusual comedy that brings dramatic content with hints of spiritualism and many puzzles. It brings together the best character among the crew and delivers a reliable and high-quality show performance. It is likely to be back within some time or completely fail to bring it—the chances of having another show coming in its place. 

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