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Mars Season 3. Will it Be Renewed or Cancelled?

Mars tv show has drama and fiction that combines up with science to bring out the setup. National Geographic is the producer, with the maker being Justin Wilkes. It comes from the united states and uses American English. “how we live on Mars” is the book that it comes from, with the author being Stephen Petranek. It was photographed in Budapest and Morocco, consisting of 2 seasons with 13 episodes.

Mars, our future on the planet, is another publication featured in 2016 October, hence creating the play’s origin.

It was first streamed on 1st November 2016. the series was then later debuted on 4th November 2016 on FX and their own tv channel. A second on National Geographic was renewed on January 13th, 2017, which debuted on 12th Nov 2018.

The mythical drama goes around 2016-2033 in the 21st-century unimaginary events for showing how things happen in the story.

Season 2 premiered in Belgium from 2018 November 11th then in the same year, on November 12th in the USA.


Though the series received a lot of negative critics and a low average rating, for example, viewers thought that the part of developing characters took a lot of time, making the series boring, the imaginary story is told in a documentary style which makes it look like the six astronauts are reading a recited script.

Jihae, the main actress, confirmed on her Instagram about National Geographic announcing its renewal of the play another time and even debuted on 12th November 2018 but was later canceled after two seasons for no known reasons.


No trailer has been received yet, indicating there might be a break on the season, or there will be no more season since no announcement has been made yet.

The first season of the series received mixed reactions from viewers with a rating of 61%, which is an average score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Generally, the series received an average review from the audience, indicating mixed reactions.


There has been no change of the main characters in the previous seasons, thus still hoping there will not be any changes when the next season is premiered.


The main characters were:

  1. Ben Cotton; who did the role of Ben Sawyer, an American commander, and the engineer
  2. Jihae Kim; who did the role of Hana Seung 
  3. Clementine Poidatz; did the part of Amelie Durand, who happens to be a physician of the French origin
  4. Anamaria Marinca; was the geologist and acted using the character of Marta Kamen
  5. Sammi Rotibi; was an engineer of Nigerian origin and assumed the role of Foucault Robert. 
  6. Olivier Martines; who played the role of Ed Grann, the CEO of Mars Mission Corporation
  7. Cosma Shaw- who played the role of Leslie Richardson. 


The series is about six astronauts from Florida who decide to embark on a journey to Mars in the year 2033. While their descending journey is being monitored on earth, they want to set a record as the first to step on Mars. In their travel, their spacecraft referred to as “Daedalus,” encounters some mechanical problems. We see two astronauts going out to fix it, which was very dangerous. Unfortunately, they cannot fix it, and they are forced to land a few kilometers from the intended destination.

The series also portrays the story in the creation about a time when the astronauts were alive and the reason behind their engagement with matters of science. 

Season 2, on the other hand, gets forwarded to years ahead, right after they land on Mars, where the astronauts have already built a developed territory with humans as the main race. We later see the effects humans have on mars and the side effects the planet has on earth.

The series blends in a real-life interview episode from earlier about the mission. Some interviews with other scientists show various challenges that will come along with the journey to Mars. It becomes clear that the journey will not be easy as they will encounter various challenges.


Mars TV show series has received an average review on the viewer’s chance are low that there will be another season.

There is an opportunity for the United States to use their well-developed record of achievements in space, and they are capable of managing human space and programs.

In April 2007, after the final episode was aired, it was discovered that Sam’s coma lasted for a long time due to a brain tumor.

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