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Parker Schnabel Net Worth. How Much is He Worth?

Parker Schnabel Russell is best known as an American-based gold miner and reality television superstar. He enjoyed mining and always aspired to pursue his career in mining. Parker is well known for inventing channels of gold rush reality, he is also famous for his tireless effort of the gold rush, such as the parkers trail of 2017, the gold rush of 2012, and the gold rush termed as the dirt of 2010.

When Parker Schnabel was born, he already had college money set aside to cater for his college studies in his name. This graded him the opportunity to attend as university he wished without experiencing any financial hardship. However, this did not happen as he dropped out of school and was handed an offer to the family business from his grandfather john.

Parker Schnabel used the money set aside to cater his education and used it to fund his mining activities. Instead of hitting the books, he opted to delve deep into the ground, hoping that he will find not only just treasures but also an entire way of life.

Personal Details

Net Worth: $8 Million

Age: 27

Born: July 22, 1994

Country of Origin: United States of America

Profession: Tv personality

Last Updated: 2020

Early Life of Parker Schnabel

Parker was born in Hines, Alaska, in July 1994. He is an American national. His parents are Roger and Nancy Schnabel. Parker also has a sibling, Payson, his brother. Parker has been mining at the age of five. He used to work at his great grandfather’s mining company, best known as Big Nugget.

At his tender age, he could manage to operate heavy machinery before his feet could reach the pedals. In his high school times, he gained popularity and took part in the school basketball team.

Parker Schnabel has been an avid explorer and outdoorsman, apart from studying Geology. Besides, he deliberately concentrated on mining studies in university. The force was from the urge of returning to curry on with his family mine. After his grandfather stepped down, parker stepped in to fill his space.

He took power and guided the team of miners who were twice older than him and proved to them that he had all the capability of even getting better gold.

During a certain interview, parker stated that many of the people he used to hang out with have already moved on and him. Thus, he did not have much time to keep up. He stated that digging always kept him busy, and he was sure that his grandfather was also happy for his accomplishments.

Career on Reality Tv of Parker Schnabel

Parker Schnabel is among the subjects that led to discovering the channel series Gold Rush Alaska, also known as the gold rush, which debuted in 2010.

His participation in the episodes is mostly notable for the series in which he attempted to assist the miners at the porcupine creek to demand.

Parker Schnabel net worth
Parker Schnabel net worth

Only to realize that they did not even know what they were doing. The fourth season of the series shows his decision to strike away on his way far from his family mines.

During his first year of running the family mining on its own, he managed to acquire an outstanding 1029 oz of gold. He performed the work of a producer on all three shows. Parker has also mined approximately $13 million gold worth at the age of 24 years.

Personal Life of Parker Schnabel

Parker Schnabel dated an Australian veterinary nurse known as Ashley you, who featured on the reality show working alongside Klondike.

In December 2018, Schnabel cleared the sky by announcing that they both had broken after their two years relationship.

In 2019 romance aired that he had found a new love, who happened to be an assistant producer for the show he was running named Sheena Cowell. Parker Schnabel is such a self-driver workaholic who prefers his mining duty over personal life. 

Later, he acquired his dream house in Alaska, a sprawling mansion that included all the modern features worth over $950 thousand. In January 2017, he wrote on his Facebook account that he was going to reveal his baby, only to twist the whole plot that the baby he was referring to was a fur baby- his new dog. This action angered his fans a lot.

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