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Osmosis Season 2. The Renewal Status, Cast, and Plot

Osmosis is a science-fiction drama that falls under the romance genre, where people can find their soulmates using technology. It was created by Audrey Fouche, who also created the famous series “the returned,” which is in French. He is recognized as the chief content maker in France. Osmosis’s original language is French, but the show was run in the U.S with English subtitles. The series first took place in Paris in 2018.

The series lays its focus on two siblings Esther and Paul, who comes up with a new dating app called “osmosis” where they use technology in dating that can detect a person’s soulmate, matching singles to find their perfect match and true love using a high-tech implant inserted in the user’s brain that can dig up deep into the brain and find a perfect match with a lot of accuracy making the myth of soulmates to come true.

The trailer for the series was first released on 28th Feb 2018, then Netflix released the first season on March 29th, 2019, made up of  8 episodes in France and later showed in the U.S with English subtitles.


After the series was released, it got a lot of good reviews from the audience, being well-acted, directed, and skirted in a very well-mannered and organized thoughtful way, and however, it was compared to the storyline of the“BLACK MIRROR,” making it have an average rating.

Osmosis has the same storyline as a black mirror which Louis Chiche wrote, William Chiche, and Gabriel Chiche and produced by Telfrane and Arte in 2015. Still, the director and producers of osmosis Julius Berg, Sarah Aknine, and Aude Albano dismissed any relation with the “Black Mirror.”

On 17th Jan 2020, however, Netflix announced the cancellation of the series back in early 2020 after one season despite receiving a lot of positive reviews from the viewers but never opened up about why they had to cancel it. However, due to the high demand from the viewers, there’s still hope for the renewal of the second season.


Even though the first season received many positive reviews worldwide, it lacked a lot of viewers in French despite originating from a French show. Viewers are still expecting and hoping for a second season of the series, however. There is no accurate information concerning the release date of the second season since it was canceled.

Netflix announced the release on season 2 depended on the reviews they will receive, the standard of Netflix’s audience vs. the cost required to produce the show since it was relatively higher than the first season, making the release date delayed.



The cast consisted of Hugo Becker, who played Paul Vanhove. It was the CEO of the Osmosis and the first tester of the implant, Agatha Bonitzer as Esther Vanhove, Paul’s sister and the creator of osmosis, Stephen Pitti as Lucas Apert, Gael Kamilling as Gabriel, Suzanne Rault- Balet as Swann, Luna Silva as Ana Stern, Manoel Dupont as Niels Larsen and finally Yumming Hey as Billie Tual.

Since no trailer has been released yet due to the cancellation, it’s hard to tell which characters have been included. If the cast gets, renewed chances are it will still follow the same storyline.


The story centers around two siblings Esther and Paul, who come up with a high-tech implant, a dating app called “osmosis” created in Paris and is set to happen in Paris shortly that can find and detect one’s soulmate .however. There is a high price one has to pay before undergoing the process to decide who you will love using the technology to access the mind and your darkest secrets to find your perfect partner with a lot of accuracies.

However, between the tests subjects, there comes up some discontentment with their results which makes the technology look much easier than they expected, thus realizing that technology is not bad but how humans use it makes it unacceptable.

By the end of the series, everyone had had a different encounter with love, had a bright future with their partners and understood what love is all about.


The series had very good reviews and had roughly spent 8 million Euros for the first season.

Generally, the first season received good reviews right after its first season release. This resulted in high expectations of the second season even after its cancellation by Netflix, but now fans of the drama romance series can enjoy the series in the form of a movie that comes in two parts.

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