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Orundun Dacosta Johnson: A Few Facts

It’s common to become famous on behalf of your parents or get popular by birth, but it is a huge flex to make your parents famous all by yourself proudly.

Though many might not agree with this part, it is undoubtedly true that having your child famous while staying away from the limelight is the best option. Orundun Dacosta’s story almost goes that way, judging by the number of appearances she has made in front of the camera.

Even then, it is entirely one’s personal choice whether to appear in front of the audience or remain behind the curtains. Hating a particular subject won’t do any good, so it’s better to avoid it and interact with the ones in front of the camera.

Keep on scrolling to learn whether it was Orundun Dacosta who got her parents famous or her parents who made Orundun famous!

Early Life

Orundun Dacosta is the parent of one of the most talented American actresses out there, Yaya Dacosta. Orundun Dacosta Johnson, with her spouse, Carl Awolwo Johnson, held their bundle of joy for the first time on the 15th of November 1982. Both the parents love Yaya more than anything else in the world and support her dream of becoming the most famous American actress.

The ethnicity of Orundun Dacosta is Brazillian, which is why Yaya has decided to keep her mother’s surname to connect her with her mother’s race and origin. Even though Orundun is Brazillian, her spouse, Carl Awolwo Johnson, is African-American, making Yaya the mixed ethnicity actress she is.

Because of Yaya’s parents, she was raised in the Harlem neighborhood and is now able to speak multiple languages like Portuguese, French, Spanish, and conversational Japanese.


There is not a single piece of information that is available online about Orundun Dacosta, except the fact that she loved being secretive and behind the cameras. Orundun and Carl share the same mindset as nothing has ever been officially stated before.

Educational Background

Since Orundun has never officially announced any of her information, it is hard to say anything related to her educational background. Her daughter, however, is known to have successfully completed her majors in African Studies and International Relations at none other than Brown University.

Net Worth & Facts

Since neither the career nor the source of income has ever been officially stated to the public, it is hard to say Orundun’s net worth could be estimated. Even the net worth of her husband, Carl, has been officially announced, which leaves their daughter to have a properly estimated net worth. Yaya Dacosta is known to have her net worth estimated at around 1 million dollars, which is quite common for a talented and successful American actress like Yaya Dacosta.

Final Verdict

Orundun Dacosta Johnson seems more like a secretive personality, so instead of staying curious about her, let her stay behind the cameras and enjoy the characters her daughter portrays as an American actress.

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