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A Few Things To Know About James Manny Baer

Many old celebrities have recently been rising to the top due to the talented works they did when they were alive. In James Manny Beer’s case, he has been popular before and even after his death due to his brother’s popularity. Many people loved and adored him, becoming his fans, while others are still his fans.

James Manny Baer might be the only name people still remember even after his death due to his early life.

Read further to know the reason behind his popularity and why he is still popular among the masses.

Personal Biography

James Manny Baer was born on the 9th of August 1942 in Sacramento, the place where he committed his entire life. He was born in California and lived his entire life in popularity, living in the same country without any intention of moving.

He died on the 23rd of July in 2009, when he was 66-years-old, in the same place and house he was born in. He died due to a heart attack in the same house in Sacramento, California. Even though he passed away, people still remember his name because of his boxer brother, Max Baer.

The place of his burial was in Sacramento also, as that was where he lived and committed every second of his life.

Career & Education

James Manny completed his graduation from Bishop Armstrong in 1960 from the University of Santa Clara. He was also a major in accounting from Heald’s Business College. Other than that, there doesn’t seem to be any information about his education. He also used to work for AK Steel, Berbarian Bros, Young’s market, and Rainbow Liquor. These are the only work and academic experiences he ever had in his life before his death in 2009.

Why He Received Such Popularity?

James Manny’s brother, Max Baer, was a boxer with the popularity that seemed never to lose his side. People loved him for his fighting techniques as Max was the apple of his fans’ eyes.

Every boxing fan was head over heels for him and wanted to meet the guy at least once in their lifetime. Being the brother of such a personality sure has its perks of getting popular without any reason.

His brother was the only reason why James was able to receive such attention and popularity from the fanbase of his brother.

Net Worth

Any information related to Jame’s net worth has not yet been officially announced, making it hard to say anything about him being rich. His brother, Max Bear, holds a tremendous amount of money as his estimated net worth lies around 50 million dollars.


James Manny Baer might have left for the afterlife, but the love his fans had for him is still there, judging by the amount of information available about him online.

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