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Marli Grace Bennett, Chance the Rapper’s Daughter

Marli Grace Bennett is the daughter of the famous American rapper ‘Chance the Rapper’. While you all must be a fan of Chance the Rapper and have extensive knowledge of his life, childhood history, and songs, many still don’t know about his family.

In this blog, we will be talking about Chance the Rapper’s family, especially her daughter ‘Marli Grace Bennett.’

About Marli Bennett

Marli was born back in the year 2019, which makes her 3 years of age right now in 2022. She is the second child of Chance the Rapper with her lovely wife, Kristen Corley Bennett. Both the parents were equally excited to announce the birth of their second child through Instagram back in the year 2019.

Personal Life

As lovely as her name is, Marli Grace Bennet is a lovely child who is immensely loved and cared for by her parents, Chance the Rapper and Kristen Corley Benett.

She was born on August 29, 2019, and enjoys immense attention, love, and applause from the media fraternity of America and the American paparazzi as well. Marli was served and handed over fame and popularization on a gold plate ever since she was born because of being born to a big name in the media industry of America.


Marli is not the only child of Chance the Rapper and Kristen, his wife. But she is succeeded by an older sister, Kensli, who was born back in the year 2015, and this makes her 5 years older than Marli Grace Bennett.

Chance the Rapper and Kristen Corley Bennet married less than a week before they announced that they were expecting a new child, a beautiful daughter. After 9 months, they welcomed their beautiful baby daughter Marli Grace Bennett.

For all of you who don’t know who Chance the Rapper of Kristen Corley Bennett are, Chance the Rapper is one of the biggest American music and Rapping industry names.

Kristen Corley Bennet is his lovely wife and partner with whom he shares a great bond of affection and love. Chance and Kristen have known each other and fell in love back in 2013.

After two years of being together, they welcomed a child but did not get married. It was only in the year 2018 that they decided to get married and then welcomed another kid Marli Grace Bannett into their lives. They share love, affection, care, and immense respect between themselves. The kids also enjoy a lovely and stable home with their parents.

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