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Everything you need to know about Milo Sebastian Sussman

The twenty five year old handsome hunk is already ruling everyone’s heart with his charismatic persona. Being grounded and down to earth is something which adds on to Milo’s personality.

Milo was born in 1997 in Manhattan, New York, and every year, he celebrates his birthday on 22 March.

From the time he has come into the limelight, there can be seen a rapid increase in his fan following. Milo has changed drastically. From being a very shy kid to being a handsome, smart young man who is followed by paparazzis everywhere he goes.

Milo Sebastian Sussman’s parents

Ricky lake, a renowned American actress, host at a talk show, television presenter and producer married Rob Sussman, an illustrator by profession.

They have a son named Milo Sebastian Sussman. But in the year 2004, they parted ways by divorcing each other. They have been coparenting since then.

Milo Sebastian Sussman’s sibling

Milo has a younger brother named Owen Tyler Sussman. He was born on June 18, 2001 and is currently 22 years old. Owen attended college in Chicago,  Illinois.

Since childhood, Owen has been very attached to his brother, Milo. The siblings have been very close to each other. This is evident by the family outings  or playing football together.

The proud mother, Ricky Lake has posted their pictures together on her Instagram page.

Milo Sebastian Sussman’s relationship

Milo is dating Sabina Frink. They both have been a part of a ‘Family Feud Show’.

Through Sabina’s Twitter page it can be seen that she has a keen interest in Politics but not much information is available about Sabina as her Social media profile is private.

Milo Sebastian Sussman’s Education

He has studied Bachelors of Arts from Oberlin college. He graduated in May 2019. The whole family relished and supported him. The beautiful pics from the graduation ceremony can be seen on his mother’s Instagram.

Milo Sebastian Sussman’s  interest and hobby

He is someone who loves listening to music and is very innovative with his approach. He created different beats and also produced them.

Apart from this, he is also a basketball lover. It is not certain whether Milo wants to make it to the red carpet but through his mother’s instagram they can be seen exploring various places like London, Italy or Venice. Apart from this, Ricky Lake has uploaded various pictures of her sons in different sessions which involves music making.

Milo Sebastian Sussman’s Career

Milo first appeared in a very popular series. Blue’s Clues has been a very famous Television series for children. Milo, at the age of five appeared in the two episodes of the TV show. Milo was also seen in a documentary called ‘The business of being born’. It was produced by Ricky Lake in 2008.

Milo Sebastian Sussman’s  social media

He has a private Instagram account but a lot of his life can be seen through his mother’s Instagram. Ricky Lake is very active on social media and uploads different pictures of their outings together.

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