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Melania Trump Net Worth. How Much is She Worth?

Melania Trump was born in Melanija Knavs. She is also Germanized as Melania Knauss, born on April 26, 1970.  she is a Slovene American former supermodel and a businesswoman who was the 45th first lady of the united state of America from 2017 to 2021 at the time of the presidency of her beloved husband, Donald Trump.

Melania was raised in Slovenia, and she worked as a design model in different agencies in European fashion, such as the capital of Milan and Paris post moving to new York city in 1996. she was an associate in both Irene maria models and Trump model management, respectively.

In 2005 she got married to a real estate developer’s boss and a tv personality, Donald Trump. Later they gave sired their son, Barron, in the year 2006. The same year, she was named the first American naturalized citizen and the first non-native English speaker to become the first lady.

Personal Information

Net Worth: $50 million

Date of Birth: April 26, 1970

Gender: Female

Profession; Supermodel

Nationality: Slovenia

Last Updated: 2021

Early Life of Melania Trump

Melanija knavs was sired in Novo Mesto, Slovenia, on april 26 1970. Her father, Viktor knaves, originated from a nearby town of radece and owned car and motorcycle dealerships for the state-owned vehicle manufacturers. Her mother Amalia was from raka village who worked as a patternmaker in one of the children’s clothing manufacturers known as jutranjka in Sevnica.

During their childhood, Melania accompanied other kids in participating in fashion shows that feature children’s clothing. Melania has two older siblings, Ines, her sister, who works as an artist.

Melania Trump Net Worth
Melania Trump Net Worth

During her teenage time, she moved with her family to a new two-story building in Sevnica on the lower side of the Sava valley. She attended the school of design and photography in the town. She later took a career in architecture and design at the famous university of Ljubljana, where she dropped out after one year. 

Melania’s father was one of the communists of Slovenia, which espoused the terms of atheism state. However, his daughter Melania was secretly baptized as catholic. When Trump met with Pope Francis at the Vatican in 2017, Melania brought her rosary and asked the pope to bless it.

The Career Life of Melania Trump

Melania started modeling at the age of five and performed commercial work at sixteen when she posed for well-known fashion, Slovenian fashion photographer stane Jerko. She signed a contract with Milan modeling agency at the age of eighteen, where she appeared as a runner-up in java magazines in 1992, termed the look of the year competition.

In 1995, Donald Trump met with paolo Zampolli, who happened to be the co-owner of the group of models known as metropolitan models. He decided to offer her representation if she will agree to visit the U.S. after vacating to manhattan the year after she resided in a Beckendorf towers apartment together with photographer Matthew Antonia. Zampolli organized all these arrangements.

January same year, the French men’s magazine named Max portrayed sexually explicit photos of Melania in accompany with another model where she appeared on the cover of the magazine in January 2000 on issues of GQ where she was wearing only diamond jewelry.

In 2010, Trump launched a super jewelry collection with QVC termed Melania timepieces and jewelry. She also went ahead and made Melania skincare collections.

However, in 2017 the companies that helped to manufacture the products declined the offer. In 2016 financial filing reports indicated that her business ventures earned approximately $15000-$50000 in the year.

Melania as the First Lady of the U.S

Melania Trump was announced as the first lady of u.s on January 20, 2017. However, she did not move in immediately into the white house until 11th June. This was due to her son, who was still schooling at Columbia grammar and preparatory school.

At her time as the first lady, she had 11 staff, and she was the second first lady to be sired outside the U.S.

The first white house event happened on March 2017 international women’s day, where he talked about gender equality and the experience she acquired as a female immigrant.

During the time she served as the first lady, she focused on issues of online bullying through her campaign slogan, ‘be best.’ However, this campaign received criticism due to her husbands’ continuous hostile behavior on his Twitter account.

Trump’s administration had an awkward treatment towards illegal immigrants, resulting in many children being separated from their parents.

This issue received a big blow from Melania, where she advocated for a country that follows laws and successful immigration reforms.

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