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The Doors of Stone: Release Date, Cast, New Season/Cancelled?

In the time of Sitcoms and series, booklovers and readers are hard to find and harder than that is to find a good book. The book belongs to the successful novel series ‘The Kingkiller Chronicle’. The Series has already had two of its parts released. The first novel in the series was named ‘The Name of the Wind’ and it was released in 2007. The second novel in the series was named ‘The Wise Man’s Fear’ and was released in 2011. Both the parts of the novel were loved by the readers and the third part of the series, named ‘The Doors of Stone’ is awaited.

Book details

Book: The Doors of Stone 
Genre: Heroic fantasy
Author: Patrick Rothfuss
Publisher: DAW/Penguin Books
Original run time: 27 March 2007 – present
Original language: English


More about the book

The book has been written by Patrick Rothfuss and belongs to the genre of Heroic fantasy. It has been published by DAW/Penguin Books and the first part of the novel series, named ‘The Name of the Wind’ was released on 27 March 2007. The second part named ‘The Wise Man’s Fear’ came out in 2011 and the third part is yet to come. The book has been originally published in the English language.


The story runs in the same universe but with different timelines. In the present time, 

Kvothe narrates his life story to a man. The man is named Chronicler and belongs to Waystone Inn. The story primarily runs in the part. The narrations also have some other characters who explain the story from their point of view. The story has been narrated in a way that includes several stories wound in it. The book became so popular that several production houses have roped in the writers and publishers of the book, to make a series or an anime on it.

Books included in ‘The Kingkiller Chronicle’

The name of the series is ‘The Kingkiller Chronicle’ and it is one of the most sought-after series in the present time. It has had two parts of it released till now. The first part that was released in 2007, was named  ‘The Name of the Wind’, and the second part of the series was released in 2011. The third part has been named ‘The Doors of Stone’ but no announcement has been made about it till now. However, the writer of the series, Patrick Rothfuss did inform that ‘The Doors of Stone’ would be the last book of the series and if there will be a new book after it, it shall cover a different arc. 

The story of the book revolves around Kvothe (the protagonist of the novel). Kvothe narrates the story of his life to Chronicler in three days. Kvothe is a scholar, a man who loves adventures, and one of the finest musicians. Each day of his narration (of the past) has been described in a book. Therefore, there are three books in the novel series.



Kvothe is the central character of the entire series named, ‘The Kingkiller Chronicle’. He was just 12 years old when both his parents died. He is homeless and lives on by the roadsides and gathers food by begging. He has red hair and green eyes which make him stand out and noticeable. Kvothe has an amazing memory and remembers everything. Also, he is a scholar of arts and arcane magic. He learned martial arts from Adem mercenary, where he was informally trained at it. Another art of his that makes him stand out is the perfection with which he plays a lute. He even played it at several pubs in Imre.


Denna is a beautiful young woman with dark hair and a pale skin tone. She is attracted to Kvothe but refuses to maintain a long-term romantic relationship with him. With places, Denna changes her names and takes up names like Dianne, Dinah, and Alora. Denna is also very talented and is a popular musician and singer. She has been shown to have several lovers or patrons and accepts gifts from them to run a living. However, she does not sleep with any of them. She is later pursued by another patron, who is elderly and known as ‘Master Ash’.

Master Elodin

His students call him crazy, mad, and eccentric, but what remains an undoubted fact is that he is an intellectual professor with a good command of his subject. He interests Kvothe in learning the art of ‘naming’, which is the art and science of naming classical elements and physical objects. The only way to learn the art of naming is by observing the object very precisely for some time in a routine. Kvothe learns the art of naming and can name the wind consciously in just 6 months.

Master Elxa Dal

He is mostly referred to as “Master Dal” by his students and Kvothe. He teaches Sympathy and is also known as “Master Sympathist”. Kvothe gets into a trial with Imre, on which Master Dal advises him that he shall remain away from the University until the case is finished and forgotten. He also narrates a story to him, named “The Ignorant Edema” and helps him understand his point better. Master Dal had dark eyes, a lean face, and a black beard.

Devan Lochee

He is the chronicler, to whom Kvothe narrates his life story. He is a renowned writer and a biographer. The first book that Kvothe read at the University was written by him.

When does the third part release?

The writer of the book, Patrick Rothfuss posted a picture in 2013, saying he was working on the draft of the book that was to be the third Book in the series ‘The Kingkiller Chronicle’.  Since then, there hasn’t been any update about the same. Well, fans of the book have been waiting for die heartedly for its third part to release.  It was expected to be released in 2014 and then in 2018, but as of 2021, it remains unreleased.

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