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Tucker Carlson Net Worth, How Much Is Tucker Carlson Worth

Tucker Carlson is a well-known personality in the television world. He is a TV host and political commentator known for hosting a night talk show on Tucker Carlson Tonight. The show began in 2016 and is aired on the Fox channel. Tucker began his career in journalism in the print medium in the 90s. He used to write for an American political magazine. 

Tucker was a political commentator on CNN news channel from the millennium decade. He even co-hosted the news debate session debate program Crossfire on the latter American media company. There was also a program in his name that aired at midnight on the channel MSNBC. Since 2009, Tucker has been working as an analyst for the political stream on the Fox News channel. 

He made appearances as a guest host on several programs before he came up with his latest show. Eleven years ago, Tucker became the co-founder and worked as the first editorial chief for a news website called The Daily Caller. 

He continued here until he quitted last year (2020) and sold his ownership stake. There are memoirs penned down by Tucker revealing his own personal experiences. He even wrote a book (political stream) called Ship of Fools that came three years ago. 

Tucker has been the advocate of the ex-president of America, Donald Trump. He is even specially termed as Politico for being the biggest supporter of Trumpism. Some of the key policies of the Trump administration were shaped by Tucker. 

He even has to face the wrath of criticism for his objectionable racist remarks on immigration and the opposite gender. His show Tucker Carlson Tonight became the most-watched news show in 2021 in America. Tucker has always been an immigration critic. Also, he has been vocal about his opposition to progressivism in the United States. 

Tucker is a nationalist. Even though he supports individual liberty and economic policy, Tucker became a critique of ideology controlled by banks. 

Tucker was doubtful of interventions of foreign by America. Initially, he expressed his support for the war in Iraq. But later indicated no sympathy for Iraqi residents. 

This was a brief about Tucker Carlson. Now let us delve into to know more about his life, career, earnings, etc. 

Personal Details 

Full Name:Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson
Stage Name:Tucker Carlson
Birthday:16th May 1969
Place Of Origin:San Francisco, California, United States
Age:52 years old
Height:1.86 m
Weight:75 kg
Sexual orientation: Straight
Spouse:Susan Andrews
Profession:American conservative journalist and political commentator
Total Net Worth:$30 million

How much Tucker Carlson net worth

Early Life

Tucker Carlson was born in 1969 in California. His father had been a news anchor and ambassador of the United States. Tucker’s primary education took place in a reputed American school. After relocating to the East Coast, he went to boarding school which is situated in Rhode Island. 

He did his higher studies at a reputed college in America. He graduated with a BA in History degree. 


According to the date of birth, Tucker’s age in 2021 is 52. He stands tall at six feet one-inch height and weighs seventy-five kg.

Personal Life

Tucker Carlson married Susan in 1991. Both met during a boarding high school in the U.S. state. Both are parents of 4 kids. 


Tucker started his journalism career from print media at publications including Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. He became a periodical columnist at magazines like Reader’s Digest and another one, New York Magazine. 

Tucker also made appearances in several top magazines including Esquire and The Daily Beast. In the beginning phase of his television career, he became the host for programs with a panel discussion on political topics on the CNN channel. In the show, Tucker picked up the place of the right-wing view.

He gained much importance through his outstanding performance in an interview session with the famous actor of the comic genre, Jon Stewart. 

Tucker never got stuck to one thing. He worked for CNN as well as its opponent news channels Fox News and MSNBC. Tucker gained popularity not because of his conservative approach but also for his bow tie style. It even became a fashion with the name of Tucker Carlson’s look. 

Four years ago, Tucker opted for a slot that was left vacant by an American journalist that came after his exit by Fox News channel. After that, he made a contract of $10 million. 

The talk show which airs on his name is known to be the most-watched show with high rating cable news. The average viewership went to 3.4 million. It garnered more viewership in comparison to CNN and its competitor channel MSNBC. 

Salary Of Tucker Carlson

The annual salary of Tucker is more than $5 million. As mentioned above, he is the one who replaced another American journalist who earned $20 million from the Fox channel. 

Co-Founder Of Right-Wing News

Eleven years ago both Tucker and Neil Patel became co-founders of a right-wing news site, called They framed it as a conservative version of another popular news site, The Huffington Post. Last year, a ⅓ stake was sold by Tucker to the co-founder Neil following a concealed amount. 

Tucker Autobiography

There is an autobiography of Tucker that reveals his personal experiences of his television news career. The name of the autobiography is Politicians, Partisans, and Parasites: My Adventures in Cable News. 

This book also covers Carlson’s take on the accusation of the rape of a woman he doesn’t know. The person itself is dealing with a serious mental problem.


Tucker owns a few luxurious cars. Among them, it includes Bentley and Mercedes. He even had a house property in New York which he bought five years ago. The price of this property is around $650K.

Net Worth Of Tucker Carlson

At present, $30 million is supposed to be the estimated net worth of TV commentator, host, and journalist Tucker Carlson. He earned his wealth via his successful career in journalism as a Talk Show host, commentator, writer, and editor. His major source of income comes from his News hosting shows on the FOX channel. 

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