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Mackenzie Scott Net Worth. How Much is Scott Worth?

Mackenzie Scott was also known as Mackenzie Bezos, a philanthropist, activist, and novelist who hails in America. Today, Scott is approximately worth $53 billion, though she for fortune could be higher as in 2020, she donated $6 billion to do charity work. On July 13, 2020, when Amazon broke $3300 a share, Mackenzie was named the richest woman globally for the first time.

Though she did not hold the position for the whole day, by the end of the trading day, amazon trading percentages had sunk; thus, Francoise Bettencourt had got back her title. A few months later, Mackenzie started donating billions of money for charity, making it hard for her to retain the position of the richest woman in the world.

Mackenzie was the wife of to founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos stating the year 1993 to 2019. Jeff and Mackenzie were blessed with four children.

Personal Information

Net Worth: $53 billion

Born: April 7, 1970

Profession: Novelist, philanthropist

Children: 4

Nationality: United States of America

 Since 2018 Jeff has been the richest person on earth. Another fact to know about Mackenzie is that.

  • Mackenzie got married to Jeff Bezos in 1993, one year before the founding of Amazon.
  • Scott drove the car across the whole country as her husband was writing amazon’s business plan.
  • She got 20 million shares from amazon after their divorce
  • Scott signed ‘ The giving pledge ‘ just after she received the settlement
  • Her net worth increased up to $25 billion in the year 2020
  • She was declared the richest woman in the world in 2020
  • In 2020 she went ahead to donate $6 billion to charity works

The Early Life of Mackenzie Scott

Mackenzie Scott was sired in San Francisco states of California, in April 1970. She was raised across the golden gate bridge in Marin County; Scott’s family also owned a home in San Francisco’s pacific heights. Jason baker Tuttle, her father, had a financial investment company.

Mackenzie attended Hotchkiss School, located in Lakeville, Connecticut. Her parents decided to file for bankruptcy during her early ages after her father happened to be subject to the Securities and Exchange Commission probe. Later her parents shifted to Florida, where her father decided to open a new financial career; however, he did not prosper. This also led to been barred from launching another financial firm.

From high school, he joined Princeton University, where she pursued a degree in English and graduated in 1992. Under the supervision of author Toni Morrison, she was announced as the best student.

Mackenzie Scott Meeting Jeff Bezos

After graduating from university, she proceeded to New York with the hope of becoming a novelist. However, to supplement her living to make sure she made her dream come true, she secured a job with the hedge fund D.E Shaw, where she worked as an assistant administrator.

Mackenzie Scott Net Worth
Mackenzie Scott Net Worth

She used to assist both company’s senior vice president and fellow Princeton alum known as jess Bezos. After some time, she was promoted to work as a research associate for Bezos. When she met Jeff in 1992, they dated for only three months, and they married in 1993 when she was 23 and Jeff was in his 29th year.


During the time of their marriage, Jeff was always fascinated by forming a worldwide web. Mackenzie becomes so critical to encouraging Jeff to go after his ambitions. In 1994, they collectively decided to resign from their jobs and move from NYC and went to Seattle to take over his internet dreams.

Mackenzie drove the Volvo through the united states, and Jeff was the passenger spitballing the plans and putting down his e-commerce plans on his laptops. After that, both brainstormed list of items that could be sold online, and they settled for books.

The business was settled in their Seattle garage, with Jeff investing $300000 in angel investments from his parents. Mackenzie used to operate as the secretary.

Jeff reached billionaire class at the dotcom bubble peak in the year 1998 as he was worth $100 billion. On January 9, 2019, they announced that they were divorcing, and on April 4, 2019, Mackenzie wrote on Twitter that they had finalized their divorce. She was given under 20 million shares in Amazon, though they had accumulated to $35.6 billion during transfer. 

The second marriage of Mackenzie Scott

In March 2021, Mackenzie announced that she had remarried a high school teacher named Dan Jowett. He teaches at a lakeside school. She revealed this on her page giving pledge page; however, her new husband had not signed it. So she updated her amazon bio, saying she lives in Seattle with her newly found husband together with her kids.

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