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Bill Burr Net Worth. How Much is Burr Worth?

How much is bill burr worth? Bill is an American actor, writer and standup comedian who is worth $12 million. He has been doing comedy since 1992, though nowadays he is more on television series such as breaking bad the Mandalorian.

Personal Details

Net worth: $12 million

Real name: William Frederick Burr

Born; June 10, 1968

Profession: Television podcast, observational comedy, race relations, blue comedy, 

Nationality:  United States of America

The early life of Bill Burr

Bill Burr was sired in Canton, Massachusetts, on June 10th, 1968. His parents was a dentist and nurses, respectively.

He developed an interest in show business, and at long last, he pursued a degree in radio from Boston’s Emerson College in 1993.

Before starting his career in comedy in earnest, burr took part in several jobs opportunities such as in warehouses, talking of freedom for those jobs he was offered.

Comedy career of Bill Burr

Burr became famous for his satirical humour as well as observational comedy. He has participated in different late-night talk shows and other comedy both in comedy central and HOB. Bur has also managed to release several albums and started his weekly podcast known as bill burr’s Monday morning podcast back in 2007.

Net Worth of Bill Burr
Net Worth of Bill Burr

Burr has also appeared as a guest on other comedian’s podcasts like ‘nobody likes onions,’ WFT with Marc Maron, Chris Hardwick’s nerdish podcast and Adam corolla’s show named the Joe Rogan Experience. In 2019, he started another podcast termed bill Bert podcast with fellow co-host Bert Kreischer. He has also cited other comedians such as 

  • George  carlin
  • Mort Sahl
  • Bill hicks
  • Bill Cosby
  • Sam Kinison
  • Patrice O’Neal 
  • Richard Pryor

So far, burr has released several comedy series, such 

  • Let it go, it was recorded at Fillmore in San Francisco and later debuted  in 2010 by comedy central
  • You people are all the same, and it premiered on Netflix in 2012
  • ‘I’m sorry you feel that way. This one was debuted in 2014 by Netflix
  • ‘Walk your way out’ aired on Netflix in 2017

By collaborating with Netflix, he released ‘paper tiger in 2019 and 2015. He also released an animation show that streamed on Netflix named F, f meant family that had been met with critical acclaim. Outside his own comedy, burr has as well been part of the regular performer of sketches on both comedy central’s Chappelle’s shows and also was featured in other six episodes of the later comedy central sketch shown know as Kroll’s show.

Acting Career

Despite focusing mainly on podcasting and stand-up comedy over his course career, Bill Burr has participated in different films and television shows since 1996. In 1996, he was offered an opportunity to act as Ryan Callahan on a short-lived sitcom townie, which was run for a few months of ABC. Some of the films he appeared in include.

  • Perfect fit
  • Passionada
  • Twisted fortune
  • Date night
  • Breaking bad
  • Stand up guys
  • Walk of shame
  • The heat
  • Black and white
  • Zombeavers
  • Episode named as law and order: criminal intent in 2002, he acted the role of jogger

Bill Burr is also associated with a comic group collaborating with the Opie and Anthony show; thus, in 2008, his voice was featured in the game grand named theft auto IV.

Personal life of Bill Burr

Bill Burr is married to a director, writer, and producer is known as Nil hill since 2013. The couple was blessed with two children where they reside in Los Angeles. Bill is a licensed helicopter pilot, and he loves playing drums, mostly heavy metal music.

Bill Burr is a fan of ministry, slayer, iron maiden, metallic AC/DC and led zeppelin. From an interview held with Forbes, he stated that political correctness does not always solve the problem but ventures to fix issues such as racism.

Salary breakdown

Some of the highest earnings Bill burr receives from podcasts in the world are

  • Relevant podcast; 120000 downloads per episodes revenue; $ 3600
  • We’re alive listeners downloads per episode revenue was $3750 
  • Gweek: listeners downloaded 120000 per episode, and he received $5,100 per episode
  • Fruity closet: listeners downloads were 120000, and the revenue for this particular episode was $5150
  • Boars gore and swords: Listeners downloaded a total of 125,000 per episode, amounting to $5,375 in revenue
  • The cracked podcast:  Listeners downloaded a total of 90000 per episode and bur earned a total of $5700 as the revenue
  • Smodcast: Listeners download 160,000 per episode, and he accumulated $6100 of revenue
  • Bill burr’s Monday morning show podcast: From the show, he earned a total of $6500 from 100,000 for each episode
  • Comedy Bang Bang:  burr managed to earn a total of $10675 from approximately 175000 downloads per episode
  • The Joe Rogan experience: Listeners downloaded almost 180000 per episode of the show hence granting Burr the opportunity to earn $11,000.
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