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Carole and Tuesday Season 3. The Release Date, and Cast

Carole and Tuesday is an animation series directed by Shinichiro Watanabe under the music fiction genre. Its original language is Japanese and the country of origin being Japan. Still, later on, an English version of the series was released on Netflix. Carole and Tuesday is an anime series that brings together music and a modern, state-of-the-art setting. It takes place on a very well technologically developed Mars and brings about two girls from different backgrounds. But sharing the same passion for music to come together and change their backgrounds with their musical talents and chase their musical dreams.

The anime’s soundtrack is unique because it is the first Japanese anime to have all English vocals.

Its first debut was on Netflix on 30th August 2019, showing all over the world consisting of 24 episodes but first showing the first 12 episodes.

No official trailer was available; however, it was aired every week from 10th  April to 2nd October 2019.

After the 12 episodes, the season took a one-week break before releasing another episode of Carole and Tuesday.


Viewers are still waiting for the renewal due to the popularity and the positive feedback from the audience. It is one of the most popular animations on Netflix. Thus, there is a very high chance of season 3 being released.

Release Date of Carole and Tuesday SEASON 3

The date of the season to be made public is yet to be confirmed since no official trailer has been released yet. There is still hope for the new season’s debut since Netflix has not announced any cancellation.

Carole and Tuesday series was not adopted from the Manga series, meaning there will not be any difficulties when coming up with the material for season 3.

However, Netflix announced a deal with a few studios where they will be co-producing the animes episodes. The studios include BONES, Production I.G, and WTI Studio.

Normally the renewal of another season greatly depends on the financial success of the anime in the previous season.

THE CAST OF Carole and Tuesday

Carole and Tuesday Season 3 Cast
Carole and Tuesday Season 3 Cast

There has been no trailer for the season. Still, the main characters from the previous season will be maintained and playing their roles like before.

Carole Stanley vocalized as Jeannie Tirado, Tuesday Simmons as Brianna Knickerbocker, and Angela Carpenter as Ryan Bartley.


Carole and Tuesday go around two characters who are both in their teenage age. Carole, an orphaned fugitive girl from the earth who does part-time jobs to cater for her living, has a passion for playing pianos. Tuesday, the daughter of a politician runs away from home from her polish lifestyle to chase her dreams as a musician in Alba city. This is because Alba City has so many opportunities, and the city is ahead technologically. Tuesday has a passion for guitar.

Despite their big differences in where they came from, it did not stop them from becoming friends and pursuing their music career together. Their bond teaches us that we can be friends with anybody despite where we come from and the circumstances we face in our daily life.

Their passion for music makes them stumble on each other at the Golden Gate Bridge. They were instantly bonded, forgetting their different backgrounds and choosing to become a singer and songwriter duo using Carole and Tuesday and following their music dream together. Still, it’s not easy to run away from their identities. Through them, we get to learn the true meaning of friendship.

They seem to face more difficulties, including the limitation of being a woman in the music industry, freedom of speech, and even the struggle for self-expression. This is when it comes to gender identification in their music career in the music production sector as they become more successful.

Political matters become worse, and all musicians are forced to unite to fight for musical freedom. Being the daughter of a politician, Tuesday is caught in the middle of all the political chaos. Still, luckily, Valerie, Tuesday’s mother, had stepped down in the political race, which makes a lot of difference since they will not have many rivals.


This anime practically displays that each of us has dreams, and we have to work hard to make them come true despite the many difficulties we face daily.

Since the music fiction genre anime did not get its content from the Manga series, the chances are high that there will be another season since it is based on an original concept making the story is consistent.

Despite Netflix not mentioning anything so far. Its popularity and good reviews among viewers make it one of the best anime on Netflix; thus, chances are high for Carole and Tuesday’s season 3 release.

Although the end of the last episode ends abruptly and some realistic points are dropped and made into something else, it feels rushed and feels like there is no emotional build-up at the end of the season. 

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