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Fantina Polo’s Early Life, Career, Net Worth, and Biography

Fantina Polo is a historical figure who was alive during the 13th century. It’s been 7 centuries since the death of Fantina Polo but her name is still alive because her father, Marco Polo, was a famous Venetian historical figure. He was a world-famous merchant and explorer and his popularity makes Fantina Polo popular as well.

Today, we are here to talk about every life detail of Fantina Polo, so if you are interested in that, read this article further.

Personal life

The exact birth year of Fantina Polo is not known but she is said to have been born in 1303 to Venetian couple Marco Polo and his wife Donata Badoer. Like her parents, Fantina Polo was also a Venetian. This is all you can get about the early life of Fantina Polo.

Speaking of the married life of Fantina Polo, she was a married woman and the name of her husband was Francesco Venier. The exact year of the marriage is not really confirmed and whether or not they had a successful married life is also not known. Sadly, Fantina Polo could not live a long life and reportedly died in 1304 at the age of just 21.

Parents and siblings

Fantina Polo was one of three children of her parents, Marco Polo and his wife Donata Badoer, who were in a marital relationship from 1300 to 1324. Their marriage ended with the death of Fantina Polo’s father in 1324. If you talk about their professions, you already know that the father of Fantina Polo was an explorer and merchant while her mother never revealed any information about her profession.

Coming to the siblings of Fantina Polo she had two sisters and their names were Moreta Polo and Bellela Polo. Apart from the names, not much information is available about the sisters of Fantina Polo.


Though Fantina Polo died only at the age of 21, she was married by the time and had one child. The name of her son was Marco Auditore.

Education and profession

There are some details available about the personal life of Fantina Polo but when it comes to her educational and professional background, you are unlikely to get even a single piece of information because neither she nor her parents bothered to talk about that. Since she was the daughter of rich parents at that time, we hope that she must have received a good education.

Reason for the popularity of Fantina Polo

The one and only reason for Fantina Polo to become a famous personality is her father, Marco Polo, who was a renowned personality at that time. Even after 7 centuries, he holds a significant place in history.

Net worth of Fantina Polo

The exact net worth of Fantina Polo is not known because there is no information available about her profession. If we talk about the net worth and earnings of her celebrity father, Marco Polo, he was expected to have around $5 million.


Fantina Polo was the daughter of a famous traveller and explorer but she probably didn’t have interest in that because there is nothing available as such.

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