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Personal life Of Johnny Robert Kristofferson

Johnny Robert Kristofferson is the son of the amazing American songwriter, actor and over all popular Kris Kristofferson. In the following article, details about him have been described.


Exact date of his birth is not known, Netizens only know that he was born in the 1988. His father is Kris Kristofferson and his mother is Lisa Meyers. Both of them raised him together. Kris Kristofferson is an actor, singer and songwriter who have been a popular name in American household for a while. He spent his early life with his siblings. He has 4 siblings, 3 brothers and 1 sister- Jesse Kristofferson, Jody Kristofferson, Blake Kristofferson and Kelly Kristofferson. He has three half siblings, 2 half-brothers and one half-sister- Kris Kristofferson, Tracy Kristofferson and Casey Kristofferson.


Not much is known about Johnny Kristofferson. He doesn’t make a lot of public appearances, he is only known as Kris Kristofferson’s son. It is however known that he studied law and is currently working as a attorney.

His father has completed a number of albums. Despite all of his hopes, his first album, Kristofferson, was a flop. He later released his second album, The Silver Tongued Devil and I. This album was a huge success. He made his film debut with The Last Movie.

However, Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore was one of his most successful films.

Furthermore, Johnny’s father has created magnificent works. He has many hit movies and songs to his credit. Convoy, Blade, Dolphine Tale, Vigilante Force, and many more.

He has excelled throughout his career and netizens hope that Johnny would do the same.

Social Media Presence

Johnny Robertson Kristofferson doesn’t have a social media presence. He keeps everything on the down low so not much is known about his life. Whether his height or his family, anything the netizens wish to know are hidden from them as he values his privacy greatly.

This is because, due to his father’s popularity, Kristofferson had to grow up being careful enough not to get into any type of scandals that might hurt the reputation that his father has built up for all of them.

Personal Life

Not much is known about Kristofferson’s personal life. As mentioned prior, he has always kept everything about him on the down low. Netizens are hopeful that like his father, he has a romantic life. His father Kris and his mother Lisa had a very romantic relationship which has been an object of envy and inspiration for several netizens over the year.

Net Worth

Due to his father’s success, one can assume that Kristofferson leads a lavish lifestyle. He also works as an attorney that pays quite well in the current market. If anyone was to estimate the amount of money he earns on a monthly basis, they would struggle to guess that. However, the net worth of Kristofferson can be guessed as 160 Million USD.


Netizens have always seemed to look forward for seeing Johnny Kristofferson more. Netizens are excited to hear more about his successful life and career. One can only hope that he becomes famous in his field of choice, that is, law. Netizens hope the very best for the son of a favorite music star in the hopes he gets whatever he seeks and desires in his life. Netizens would love to see him more on the media and they are hoping that they would in the future.

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