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Recalling The Life of Jessie Estell James

Born to outlawed ancestry of Jesse Edward “Tim” and Stella Frances McGowen, Jessie Estell James now deceased enjoyed a bit of popularity during her time. Granddaughter of American frontier lines’ popular bandit Jesse James, Jessie Estell James is often shown as a proud member of the James Family.

Early Life

There’s nothing much present about Jessie Estell James’ childhood, all we know from the sources is that she was a prized possession of her parents along with her four siblings. Jessie Estell James came as a blessing to her father James Edward James Jr. and her mother Stella McGowen on 27th August 1906. Newspaper clippings show her small adorable self, showcasing relics of her ancestry’s career, guns, Cartridge, Belts, and Boots. She looks really cute and innocent in the picture as she displays the stuff.


As already mentioned, Jessie has an outlawed ancestry, which starts with his grandfather Jesse Woodson James, who was the James-Younger Gang’s boss and an American outlaw, guerrilla, bank and train robber, and guerrilla. James and his family had deep-seated Southern sentiments because they were raised in the “Little Dixie” region of western Missouri.

During the American Civil War, Jessie’s grandfather and his brother Frank James joined “bushwhackers,” pro-Confederate guerrillas active in Missouri and Kansas. Her grandfathers were charged with murdering abolitionists and Union soldiers in the Centralia Massacre in 1864 as supporters of William Quantrill and “Bloody Bill” Anderson.

Jessie’s father, Jesse Edwards “Tim” James was the lone surviving child of American bandit Jesse Woodson James (August 31, 1875 – March 26, 1951). He was conceived at the peak of Jesse James’ outlaw career in Nashville, Tennessee. Jessie’s father took his surname from the American criminal Jesse James, her grandfather. In his early years, he went under the name Tim Edwards to avoid drawing attention to his father.

Jessie’s father and her family moved to Kansas City after the passing of his father, where they were taken under the care of Thomas T. Crittenden Jr., the governor’s son who had authorized the execution of the outlaw Jesse James. Together with his sister Mary James Barr, he starred in the 1921 motion picture Jesse James Under the Black Flag as well as Jesse James as the Outlaw. Jesse James, a 1927 Paramount biopic about his father, had him on as a technical adviser.

There’s not much known about her mother Stella McGowen, other than the fact that she had four daughters including Jessie. Her other three sisters were Lucille Martha James, Josephine Frances James, Ethel Rose James.

Private Life

On May 23, 1931, in Los Angeles, California, she tied the knot with Mervin B. Baumel. They were the parents of one girl and one son. In 1910, she resided in Jackson, Missouri, and for roughly ten years after that, in Los Angeles, California. She passed away on February 2, 1987, in Huntington Beach, Orange, California, USA, at the age of 80. She was laid to rest in Glendale’s Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Net Worth

As a lot of information still remains a mystery, this includes her net worth, a rough guess can be made on the basis of her grandfather’s net worth, which was 10 million dollars. Therefore, it can be understood that even though not a millionaire, she must have a good net worth.

Worth Remembering

The life she led might be a mystery but she would still be remembered in whatever small ways that are possible. Jessie Estelle James may be deceased now, but she lives as an immortal in our hearts.

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