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Romy Marion Byrne, Gabriel Byrne’s Daughter

Romy Byrne is a former model and actress. She is best known as the daughter of Irish actor Gabriel Byrne. Her parents are also involved in the entertainment industry. Her father is a well-known Irish actor, and her mother, Ellen Barkin, is a well-known American actress.

Romy struggled to establish herself in the TV industry despite coming from a prominent family. The stunning actress has only appeared in a few films. She starred as Ashleigh in “Love After Love” and collaborated with rapper Talib Kweli.

Romy’s nationality is American, even though her father is a Dublin-born actor. Romy was a model before becoming a full-time actress, and she used to be a model for NEXT, a primary modeling agency. Romy is obsessed with literature, a huge music fan, and loves working out.

Romy Marion Byrne’s Parents

Gabriel Byrne- Her Father

Gabriel Byrne began his acting career with a theatre group before traveling to London, where he played starring roles before relocating to the United States.

Byrne received a scholarship to the UCD. After getting his degree in linguistics and archaeology, he worked as a teacher. Gabriel tried out for various vocations, including archaeologist, plumber, and cook, before pursuing acting.

For 12 years, Byrne was in a relationship with Aine Connor, and their marriage ended in 1986. He later married actress Ellen Barkin and had two children before divorcing in 1999. On August 4, 2014, he married Hannah Beth King, and they welcomed a daughter.

Byrne is a human rights campaigner who formerly served as UNICEF’s ambassador. In 1997, he released his memoir, Pictures in My Head.

Ellen Barkin- Her Mother

On April 16, 1954, Ellen Barkin was born in New York to a Jewish family. Her father was a salesperson who also worked as an usher, while her mother worked at a Jamaica Hospital.

Ellen is well-known for her parts in films such as:

  • This Boy’s Life
  • Sea of Love
  • Ocean’s Thirteen
  • Loathing in Las Vegas
  • Fear

Ellen studied acting for about 10 years right before giving her very first audition. She received her education from Parsons Junior High School and High School of Performing Arts. Ellen has also attended Hunter College, majoring in history and acting and studying at the Actors Studio.

Ellen Barkin allegedly had relationships with Matt Dillon, Johnny Depp, Robert Duvall, and David Arquette. Ellen Barkin and Gabriel Byrne were married from 1988 to 1999, while she married Ron Perleman from 2000 to 2006.

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