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Insatiable Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Crew and Latest Updates

If you have a preference for dark comedy-drama TV series, then you will love to watch Insatiable. Lauren Gussis is known to be the person who is behind the creation of this dark comedy show. Like some of the shows which are based on a real personality, event, or a book, Insatiable is inspired by an article ‘The Pageant King of Alabama’. 

Insatiable revolves around its central character, a civil lawyer who is discontented and tarnished. He turns up to become a coach for a beauty pageant. The civil lawyer takes on a vindictive client with no idea about what she is going to do next. The premiere of its first season took place on Netflix in 2018 on 10th August. 

In the same year in September, the renewal of Insatiable for the second installment took place and premiered in the following year 2019. Then in 2020, the series did not continue due to cancellation by Netflix. Netflix is among the most top-notch platforms preferred by viewers for its number of teen-based television drama series that has been on the hitting spot due to maximum viewership. 

But unfortunately, Insatiable failed to make its mark. According to an American review website, it got a negative review for carrying widely oversimplified, awkward social commentary, and pathetic trial in gripping interest. All these make insatiable an unworthy show to watch. But those who have watched the first two seasons of Insatiable must be inquisitive in knowing the expected release of Insatiable third season. 

Today, in this article, we are going to find out whether season 3 of Insatiable will be taking place or is canceled. So read it till the end. 

Show Details

TV Series: Insatiable
Genre: Dark comedy & Teen drama
Created by:  Lauren Gussis
Based on: The Pageant King of Alabama
Place Of Origin: United States
Starcast:  Dallas Roberts Debby Ryan Christopher Gorham Sarah Colonna Erinn Westbrook
Original language: English
Number of seasons: 2
Number of episodes: 22

Insatiable Season 3 Release Date

Story Plot of Insatiable

The story of Insatiable centers around a character named Bob. He is a civil lawyer by profession but is tainted and discontented. He switches in becoming a coach for a beauty pageant and takes a client who is revengeful and a victim of bullying. Bob is unable to figure out about her further actions. In the past few years, we all must have watched teenage shows that represented the same adulthood problems and bullying issues. Compared to them, Insatiable is the first one to have featured law into the equation. 

Patty, a seventeen-year-old client is portrayed as a person who finds eating as the best way to beat loneliness. She is body shamed because of her being obese. The fat people are being realized that they are loners. Things take a turn when Patty gets punched on her face by a person who did not have shelter. The effect of the punch leads to the shutting of her jaws. Hence for a long duration of 3 months, Patty prefers to focus only on a liquid diet. 

After recovering, she became slim. Overjoyed in discovering a new body transformation, Patty decides to make her class fellows realize her potential in winning a beauty contest. That way she can change the notion of people towards her from a loser to a winner. The first season ended with Christian getting killed by Patty. He was her ex and stalker.

In the second season of Insatiable, it showed civil lawyer Bob and his teenage client Patty do all the hard work in covering the crime she committed. Police officials do start with their usual investigating sessions. Patty also unites with the contestants of the beauty pageant. The end of season 2 came up with the declaring the winner, and Patty getting into a confrontation with herself.


After getting a brief overview of the storyline of Insatiable, now let us get to know about some of the actors and what characters they are playing in this dark comedy show. No matter, Insatiable might have failed to impress the critics and viewers due to the above-mentioned reasons, but the actors in the show did full justice to their roles. Let us begin with the leading ones. 

Dallas Roberts

Dallas Roberts is a talented actor from America. He plays the character of disgraced and dissatisfied civil lawyer Bob. He was born in 1970 on 10th May. Other than Insatiable, Dallas has also made his appearances in other TV serials on AMC including The Walking Dead, The Good Wife, and also Unforgettable

Debby Ryan

Debby Ryan who plays the character Patty was born in 1993 on 13th May. She is a talented actress from America and is also into singing. Debby began her acting career when she was just 7 years old at professional theatres. After a breakthrough in her career from 2008 to 2011, she picked up roles in the American teen sitcom, The Suite Life on Deck. Here she played the character of Bailey Pickett. She also performed the role of Abby Jensen in 16 Wishes, a fantasy comedy television film in 2010 directed by Peter DeLuise. Debby also starred in What If…which was an independent theatrical film. She played the character, Kim Walker. 

Erinn Westbrook

Erinn Westbrook was born in America. She is a multi-talented actress, who also has perfection in modeling, dancing, and singing. Erinn gained attention with her roles in Glee, and Awkward. Here she portrayed the character of Gabby Richards, a tennis star. In the Netflix black comedy teen drama series, Insatiable, Erinn plays the role of Magnolia Barnard. 

Season 3 of Insatiable: Is It Coming Or Cancelled?

The premiere of the Insatiable second season took place on Netflix two years ago on 11th October. It aired with a total of ten episodes which were released on the same day. And now all eyes turning for the third season, no official announcements have been made so far by Netflix. However, it seems, the third installment won’t be taking place due to the pathetic feedback the show has gathered over previous seasons. Season 2 of Insatiable is itself the concluding part that ended with a happy ending. More likely the show’s 3rd season is canceled. 

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