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Curtis Wilson Crowe’s Life Story

Curtis Wilson Crowe was born on January 23, 2000. He is 22 years old and pursuing a career as a leading musician, director, actor, and singer-songwriter. He has gained popularity as the lead vocalist for the rock band The Army. He was born in Los Angeles and holds American nationality. His mother Nancy Wilson is a musician, songwriter, singer, and film composer. Curtis Wilson’s father’s name is Cameron Crowe who is a popular American director, actor, screenwriter, and producer. Curtis’ parents struggled to conceive after their wedding. They underwent several fertility treatments and none of the treatments proved fruitful. Finally, they decided to give birth to a child via a surrogate and egg donor. And, fortunately, it worked for them. Nancy gave birth to twins named William James Crowe and Curtis Wilson Crowe.

About Curtis Wilson Crowe’s Sun Sign

Curtis Wilson was born on January 23 and his sun sign is Aquarius. The ruling planets of Aquarius are Saturn and Uranus. The ruling element of Curtis is Air and his lucky day is Saturday. His lucky colors are blue-green and Turquoise. His lucky numbers are 3, 4, 17, 18, and 22. His birthstone is Amethyst. Curtis has maximum compatibility with Cancer and Virgo. Aquarians have independent, progressive, stimulating, creative, and entertaining personalities. They lack concentration and have a rebellious nature. They are erratic and have an impractical nature.

About Curtis Wilson Crowe’s Mother

Curtis Wilson’s mother Nancy is a renowned American film composer, songwriter, producer, and musician. She gained fame along with her sister in the role of backing vocalist and guitarist in the band “Heart”. Nancy got an immense appreciation for her guitar-playing skills. She had the outstanding quality of combining elements of classical guitar and flamenco with hard rock. In 2016, she also earned the rank of 8th best female guitarist of all time. Nancy and Cameron Crowe met in 1981 and they got married on July 27, 1986. The couple has twin sons named Curtis and William. However, Nancy and Cameron ended their marriage in 2010 due to incompatible differences.

About Curtis Wilson Crowe’s Father

Curtis Wilson’s father’s name is Camron Bruce Crowe. He had built a solid career as a screenwriter, author, writer, producer, director, and actor. Before starting doing films and working in this industry, Cameron decided to work at Rolling Stone Magazine as contributing editor and writer. Cameron began writing for his school newspaper when he was just 13-years old. He also provided music reviews for leading “The San Diego”, a leading underground publication. Cameron was a major admirer of hard rock bands in the 1970s.

Curtis Wilson Crowe’s Family Gives Him a Lot of Love

Nancy and Cameron are living as a divorced couple now. But they ensure that they spend quality time with both their sons.

Curtis Wilson Crowe is a popular celebrity child and has built a successful career.

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