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The End of the F***ing World Season 3: Release Date, Cast, New Season/Cancelled

America has long been the house of Hollywood and has successfully made various classics, but the surging popularity of British shows has proved that the Britishers do not spare any stone unturned at giving a cutthroat competition.

Especially, when it comes to entertainment and drama, British shows like The End of the F***ing World has surpassed several popular shows. The dark comedy-drama sitcom has had its fans eagerly waiting for its season 3, ever since the second season of the series went off the air. 

The plot revolves around a teenager named James who believes that he is a psychopath and his classmate Alyssa who suffers from a troubled home and seeks an escape in Jame’s company.

Show details:

TV Series:The End of the F***ing World
Genre:Dark comedy-drama
Star cast:Alex Lawther

Jessica Barden

Naomi Ackie

Written by: The End of the F***ing World

by Charles Forsman

Charlie Covell

Running time:24 October 2017 –

4 November 2019

ProducersKate Ogborn
Executive producersEd Macdonald

Murray Ferguson

Andy Baker

Petra Fried

Dominic Buchanan

Jonathan Entwistle

Directed by:Jonathan Entwistle

Lucy Tcherniak

Lucy Forbes

Destiny Ekaragha

Original language:English

The End of the F***ing World Season 3 Release Date

More about the show:

The End of the F***ing World is a British show belonging to the genre of dark comedy and comedy-drama. It is based on the book, ‘The end of the f****** world’ by Charles Forsman. The television series adaptation of the novel has been written by Charlie Covell and has been directed by Jonathan Entwistle, Lucy Tcherniak, Lucy Forbes, and Destiny Ekaragha. It stars Actors like Alex Lawther, Jessica Barden, and Naomi Ackie in leading roles. The music for the show has been given by Graham Coxon and the Country of its origin in the United Kingdom. The original language in which the show was made was in English. 

It has had two of its seasons released till now and is waiting for the release of its third season. The executive producers of the show are Ed Macdonald, Murray Ferguson, Andy Baker, Petra Fried, Dominic Buchanan, and Jonathan Entwistle. The show was produced by Kate Ogborn and its Cinematography has been done by Justin Brown and Ben Fordesman. 

The running time of each episode is 19–24 minutes. The Production companies involved with it are Clerkenwell Films, Dominic Buchanan Productions, Distributor, and BBC Studios. The original network on which the show was released was Channel and Netflix. The show premiered on 24 October 2017 and went off air on 4 November 2019.


The main character of the series is a 17-year-old boy who thinks of himself as a psychopath. As a hobby, he kills beings that are quite valueless from his perspective like animals but not after long start to get bored of the practice. After quite some time, he plans on killing a human next for a change.

He starts looking out for a target and settles on one of his classmates – Alyssa who is quite rebellious and mouthy in nature who suffers from a handful of issues of her own. Alyssa proposes to run away with James on an adventurous life far more soothing and happy from her life at home and to accomplish his goal that is to kill Alyssa, James agrees to her proposal as it would make it easy for him to kill him there. 

The duo leaves for a road trip across the country of England and begins to develop a relationship as a couple after a series of obstacles and mishaps that find their way into their life. In the second season of the series, the couple grows distant as Alyssa proposes to another man. They are brought together once again when someone seeking revenge from the duo hunts them down.


Alex Lawther played the character of James, who is a teenager and believes that he is a psychopath. The character of young James has been played by Jack Veal. Jessica Barden played the character of Alyssa, who is an angry teenage girl with a troubled home. Naomi Ackie portrays the role of Bonnie, who is the love interest of Clive Koch. 

Gemma Whelan played the role of  Eunice Noon, who is a detective constable by profession. Wunmi Mosaku played the character of Darego, who is also a detective constable. Steve Oram played the role of Phil, who is James’s father. 

Christine Bottomley played the role of Gwen, who is Alyssa’s mother and 

Navin Chowdhry essayed the role of Tony, who is Alyssa’s abusive stepfather. Jonathan Aris played the role of Clive Koch, who is an author, and professor by profession. He is also a serial killer and rapist. Barry Ward played the role of Leslie Foley. 

Kierston Wareing played the role of Debbie, and Geoff Bell featured as Martin. Alex Sawyer essayed the role of Topher, while Eileen Davies featured as Flora.


The series has had two seasons released till now. Each season had 8 episodes. 

The first episode was directed by Jonathan Entwistle, which was released on 24 October 2017. All the episodes of the first season have been written by Charlie Covell and were released on 24 October 2017. 

The first episode of the second season was released on 4 November 2019 and has been directed by Lucy Forbes. The last four episodes of season 2 have been directed by Destiny Ekaragha and all the episodes were released on 4 November 2019.

When will the third season be released?

From its premiere episode, The End of the F***ing World was received quite warmly. The second season of the series ended with Barden getting back as Alyssa, while the character of Roberts was replaced by Alex Lawther. The show has had a huge viewer base across the globe and fans of the show have been waiting eagerly for the return of its third season. Since the second season had a pretty subtle ending, there are fewer chances that the makers of the show might turn to the third season. However, there hasn’t been an official statement from the makers of Netflix, about the same. 

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