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How to get the best prices for long-distance moves?

Looking for the most cost-effective way to travel across the country? We can’t say we blame you. It’s reasonable that you’re concerned about the expenditures, given that the average cost of hiring professional movers for an interstate relocation is about $5,000. Even the least expensive cross-country movers will almost certainly set you back quite a bit.

There are, luckily, less pricey cross-country moving choices. It is feasible to relocate cross country without breaking the bank. You can hire labor-only movers or renting a moving container. The ideal approach to cross the country will be determined by your specific requirements and budget. However, the cheapest choice may not necessarily be the best option for you. The pros at have some tips to help.

Start Selling Your Stuff

If you’re like most individuals, you’ve amassed a large amount of stuff over the years, much of which you no longer require. You can make money to help pay for your move by selling items before the transfer. You’ll also need to pack fewer items, which will make unpacking easier and shipping costs lower. Throw a yard sale or rent a booth at a local flea market if you have the time and patience.

You can also sell your possessions online. Selling stuff online has never been easier. Internet shops like eBay, Craigslist, Facebook,, and Amazon are invaluable. Also, mobile applications like OfferUp and LetGo are another wonderful method to swiftly sell stuff before moving. Also consider niche shops.

Find Free Moving Materials

Gathering and using as many free moving items as possible is one of the best strategies to save money on long-distance relocation. Look for secondhand boxes, packing paper, and packing tape at local stores, online marketplaces, and community organizations. U-Haul Box Exchange, Craigslist, local liquor shops,, bookstores, friends and neighbors, offices, recycling drop-off locations, grocery stores, Freecycle, local schools, and big-box retailers are all good places to look for free moving goods. We also suggest requesting friends and family for any boxes they may have.

Move Out Of Season

Believe it or not, the time you pick to relocate has a significant impact on the cost of your move. You could save money on truck rentals, moving firms, and other expenses by avoiding peak moving days and times. Weekends, the months between Memorial Day and Labor Day, and the beginning and last weeks of the month are all popular moving dates to avoid (if at all feasible). Between October and April, aim for a mid-day, mid-month relocation.

Ship Your Belongings

While it isn’t the most popular moving method, shipping your belongings cross country is a terrific way to transfer a little amount of stuff. It could also be one of the most practical relocation possibilities you haven’t explored. You can ship larger things online through several service providers, such as, in addition to using USPS, FedEx, and UPS.

Employer Reimbursement

Have you gotten a new job? Cheers! If you’re relocating for job, make sure to ask about the company’s relocation policy. Many businesses may cover all or part of the relocation costs, so check with your HR department. They may even have their own preferred cross-country moving firm. If your firm pays for your relocation, keep all of your moving receipts (even your receipts for moving supplies). You’ll be able to properly document your expenses and receive compensated for the move this manner.

Hire Laborers

Do you need aid loading and unloading your truck rental? There are several moving labor alternatives to hiring a full-service moving business, fortunately. HireAHelper Junk disposal, donation collections, and packing assistance are all possible services. You may also look into Moving Help, an online marketplace that will assist you in finding local moving services in your region. You’ll likely save thousands of dollars by using a labor-only moving business rather than a full-service moving company.

Donate Larger Items

Large things, such as heavy furniture and sporting goods, take up more space in the vehicle and may necessitate the use of a larger, more expensive truck. Because many long-distance movers charge by weight, getting rid of these items before relocating is a good idea. Moving these products may be more expensive than simply repurchasing them after the relocation. So, please, please, please give. When you move, there are several options for donating household things.

Get Several Quotes

Get many moving quotes and allow ample time to choose the best one. Because moving firms are normally booked six to eight weeks in advance, interviewing movers several months in advance is recommended. You’ll receive the finest deals if you plan ahead of time. Also, don’t hesitate to reach out to commercial moving companies. You might be surprised to learn how they can help.

Move With Pros

In the moving industry, you always get what you pay for. It’s typically better to pay a bit more to get a better quality of service. For an event like moving, you want to do it the right way.

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