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How to Deal With Domestic Violence – 8 Things You Need to Know

Domestic violence is an evil act that has sent many to their early graves. Some may have escaped death but have sustained serious and life-threatening injuries. Domestic abuse can take other forms aside from physical abuse. There are the emotional, sexual, and financial aspects of domestic abuse.

Domestic abuse is a form of abuse that happens between people who have a close relationship.  It can be child abuse, abuse of a spouse, or any other family member. Domestic abuse is an intentional act that often hides in the form of slip and fall accidents.

Most abusers justify their acts and are manipulative. They either blame their actions on the victim, or they blame it on something else. They never take full responsibility for their actions, and even if they do, they refer to it as a mistake or unintentional accident.

Due to the manipulative and violent nature of most abusers, their victims get too scared to report or get a domestic abuse attorney. However, it is necessary that victims and those related to them contact a domestic abuse lawyer immediately.

Ways You Can Deal With Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is ugly, and no one deserves to endure such a situation. However, there are things you can do that will help you deal with the situation.

1.   Contact a Domestic Abuse Lawyer

The services of lawyers are not only useful in abuses covered by slip and fall accidents. They can also tell you which behaviors or doings are considered abuse. With a domestic abuse attorney, abuse victims can know their options.

A lawyer who specializes in domestic violence will know the right counsel for the situation because they have the knowledge and experience.

Victims and those around them don’t know how to protect themselves from the abuser. Most of the time, they lack the resources or courage to do so. But with a domestic abuse lawyer,  a legal order that prevents the abuser from contacting the victim can be obtained.

Also, a domestic abuse attorney will help you file a lawsuit if the case is severe. You can sue for personal injury and ask for restraining orders. Personal injury lawsuit is mainly for instances of abuse that caused injuries like a car crash or a slip and fall accident.

But since abuse victims get harmed intentionally, assault and battery can be the basis of a personal injury lawsuit. They can recover the damages of loss of jobs, pain, and medical bills.

If the domestic violence is against a spouse, the domestic abuse lawyer will help with the divorce process. Also, they will help you attain child custody. The last thing you want is to leave your child with an abuser.

2.   Talk to a Trusted Person

Another way of dealing with domestic violence is to talk to a trusted person. This can be your friend, parent, or siblings. Talking to a trusted person can help you shed some of the burdens. You feel lighter when there’s support.

With the support of a close friend or family, you may find the courage to walk away. Also, a trusted person can help you report to appropriate authorities or contact a domestic abuse attorney. It is always easier if you have someone holding your hand and walking you through the process.

Moreover, your friend or family may have accommodation for you. They can let you stay until you get an alternative or get the help you need.

3.   Get Medical Help For Injuries

If there is an injury or sexual assault, get emergency services as quickly as possible. Visit the closest hospital to you and get the necessary treatments. If there has been sexual assault, you can also get the services of a therapist. They help you deal with the trauma and emotional pain. For your safety, you should also report to the police. They are your best hope of protection.

4.   Go to a Shelter

Having friends and family members can be really helpful in a case of domestic violence. But what if you have no one to go to? What if your loved ones stay far away? In that case, going to a shelter will be the best solution.

A shelter or refuge will provide you with temporary accommodation. You can stay in a refuge and figure out your permanent accommodation. In shelters, you can also get food, clothing, security, and legal advice from domestic abuse lawyers.

5.   Don’t Confront Your Abuser

You may be tempted to confront your abuser. Watching someone hurt you and having to endure the pain can be provoking. You may want to be hostile or aggressive in retaliation.

But confronting your abuser will make matters worse. They may become more aggressive and abusive. Worst still, they may inflict more pain that could cause death. Most abusers are unrepentant and out of control. It’s best to avoid them altogether.

6.   Create an Escape Plan

Endeavor to have a safety plan and hide it from your abuser as much as you can. You can set up a secret account to save money, evacuate your documents, and keep them somewhere safe. Store food and clothes that can serve you in case you get an opportunity to escape.

An abuser may want to monitor your phone and movement. Get a burner phone for making secret calls, reach out to people you trust, and see how you can get out of the situation ASAP!

7.   Don’t Sympathize With Your Abuser

One of the reasons why victims stay is because they make excuses for their abusers. Abusers are emotionally and psychologically damaged. Changing them is not your job, rather you get more hurt in the process. Admit that their act is wrong and avoid sympathizing with them.

Some abusers come begging and apologize after perpetuating the ugly act. If you don’t stand your ground, you will become an enabler and find it more difficult to walk away.

8.   Join a Support Group

Even if you don’t know how to leave yet, you can join a support group for victims you can. You will get to hear from people who are passing through similar challenges. You can learn some tips on how to deal with the issue.

A support group will have survivors, those who are on the verge of leaving, and those who need some form of assistance. You can meet those who have gone through the process with the help of family, therapy, or a domestic abuse lawyer.


Domestic violence has been a long-standing problem, and it will always be. Abusers are people who have been damaged psychologically. They take out any little frustration on their spouse or family member.

Changing a domestic abuser will be impossible. Even if it were possible, it’d require a lot of work. As the victim, your first interest should be to save yourself. Contact a domestic abuse lawyer and confide in people you trust. Also, make a plan to get as far away as possible from the perpetrator.

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