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4 Super Useful Backyard Maintenance Tips

Having a backyard is a wonderful feature of a home. It’s a private outdoor oasis that you can enjoy any time you like, whether on your own, or entertaining friends and family. But keeping your yard in tip-top shape requires continuous work and maintenance that you don’t want to let slide. To make upkeep as simple and streamlined as possible, here are four super useful backyard maintenance tips that you’ll want to adopt.

Use Basic Lawn Care Measures

Your lawn is something that you can admire and enjoy, but at the same time, lawn maintenance can cause a lot of stress. It can sometimes feel like you’re doing all the right steps and still not getting results, leaving you frustrated and feeling like giving up.

There are many basic lawn care measures that any homeowner can start with and then tweak as necessary. Basic steps you’ll want to follow include:

  1. Mow your grass regularly based on its length, the grass type, and the weather. Some grass types are better left long, and in dry hot conditions (summer weather) where drought is a concern, you don’t want to cut it too short. When cutting the grass, make sure the blade on the mower is sharp so as not to damage the lawn.
  2. Water as necessary, not on a set schedule. You need to consider the weather – how much rain have you had? Experts suggest you water at less frequent intervals but when you do water it should be a deep watering. Deep watering is what encourages the lawn to grow deeper roots, which makes it healthier.
  3. Use grass seed throughout the spring/summer season to encourage new growth. This will help make the lawn thicker, which then cuts back on the number of weeds you’ll get.
  4. Fertilize the lawn a couple of times a year at a minimum – this is essentially food and nutrients for the lawn. Again, it encourages healthier and thicker growth.

Dedicate Time to the Garden and Greenery

If you have any type of garden, shrubs, bushes and/or trees in your backyard, you will need to show them attention too. This will include watering, weeding, pruning, and trimming overgrown or dead sections. During the height of summer, you will probably need to spend more time on garden maintenance. You can break it up and spend 15-30 minutes a day out there so it never gets out of control.

Protect the Yard and Its Contents from Weather Damage

Severe weather is something that can happen all year round and depending on what state you live in it can include winter storms, heavy wind, torrential rain, flooding, hail and more. This kind of weather can do a real number on your backyard and all its contents, causing some rather extensive and expensive repairs/replacements.

A good tip is to think ahead and protect the yard when you know bad weather is coming. Look to the experts who use tools like these baseball field tarps to cover the field and ensure that it’s not flooded or damaged. You will want to secure any loose items, or better yet store them in a shed or the house, use tarps to cover furniture, and ensure limbs of trees aren’t too close to your house in case they break.

Repair Items as Needed

The final tip is to make sure you repair items as needed so that the problems don’t get worse. Not only do damaged items look worn and dated in the yard, but they can also lead to further damage.

By following these maintenance tips, you’ll ensure that your backyard looks pristine year-round and that you’re never overwhelmed with maintenance projects.

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