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Awesome Hebrew Girl Names For Your Baby Girl

If we go by the Hebrew scriptures, then we will come to know that the names of the people were put according to the circumstances. Hebrew is a language that was spoken during the Kingdoms of Judah and Israel from 1200 to 586 BCE. Note that the Bible is the origin of most of the Hebrew names. 

The reason behind this is the writing of this religious text is done in the Hebrew language. The popularity of Hebrew names is much in western countries. The names in Hebrew are centuries old but are still famous even today. There is always some hidden meaning behind every Hebrew name. 

The use of Hebrew names began after the uprooting of Babylon. Around the world, there are around three thousand names in Hebrew based on Biblical text. No matter whether you belong to Hebrew origin, or just admire the culture, you can choose a Hebrew name for your cute baby girl. 

Names for Hebrew Girls

But too many names can make you perplexed. But not to worry, we have come up with some of the best Hebrew names that would suit your little princess. Don’t merely go for the historical base of Hebrew names. They sound very cute especially if you want to make choices for your newly born baby girl. So let us begin with:


Alya is a Hebrew and Turkish origin name that means moonlight, oak tree, and hallow. It is a feminine name that has its origin in Hebrew of course, and also Arabic, Ancient Greek, and Slavonic. The name has a different meaning in these origins. In Slavonic, the meaning of Alya means beautiful. 

In Arabic, it stands for heaven, sky, and loftiness. In Turkish, it means sky, and in Hebrew, it means to go up or ascend. Alya is a familiar name in Russia. So now having such a pleasant name and meaning, you should choose this name for your baby girl. 


Aby is also a very short and crispy name. It means father’s joy and truth. A south Indian movie with the same name was also released in 2017. 


Coming on to the next best Hebrew name reference for your cute little princess is Ariel. The name might be feminine but the meaning is courage and strength. Another reason to prefer this name for your baby girl is it is inspired by a very popular cartoon series ‘Little Mermaid’. The name of the mainstream female Disney character was also Ariel. 


Anna is a Latin name that stands for grace. It is a very popular Hebrew name to choose for your baby girl. No matter this name has been for old times but is still preferred by most parents for their newly born daughters. Popular female personalities have the name, Anna. 

Some of the examples include Anna Kendrick, a beautiful talented actress, and singer who made her debut with Broadway in 1998 followed by more movies like Pitch Perfect, Into the Woods, and Up in the Air. Another top example is Russian tennis player Anna Kournikova. 


Abigale is also a Hebrew name that means father’s joy. And it is a universal fact that daughters are close to their fathers. So if you are blessed with a baby girl who has brought joy to your life, then Abigale is the perfect name for her. By hearing this name, people often consider a girl to be full of life, motivational, charming, and hopeful. 


This name will remind you of a famous female cartoon character. Yes, Elsa from the Frozen movie. But do you know it is not an imaginary name, but one of the popular Hebrew names? The actual meaning of Elsa is God is my oath. So now it becomes the reason to name this beautiful Hebrew name for your daughter. 


Eve is also one of the popular Hebrew names of English origin. The meaning of this name stands for the first appearing woman on earth. The word is derived from the Havah, a Hebrew origin. 


Isabella is of Italian origin meaning pledged to god. The name is derived from Elisheba, which is a Hebrew name. This is also one of the cutest names you can prefer for your girl child. Giving an example is a character of a similar name from the famous cartoon series Phineas and Ferb


If you are expecting more awesome Hebrew girl names, then Jemima is the best choice to go with. The meaning of this name is a little dove. According to Biblical fact, the Jemima was the name of the beautiful eldest daughter of one of the prophets Job. Many fictional characters share a similar name. Some of the examples include the villain’s mistress in The Night Manager, a novel authored by John Le Carre.


Following the list of awesome Hebrew girl names for your little daughter, is Mariah. The meaning of this name is a teacher. It is derived from the Hebrew name Moriya. And to name a perfect suited example is Mariah Carey. 


If you are blessed with a daughter with divine beauty and want a perfect name for her, then the best-suggested name is Noya. The short and crispy name itself means divine beauty. The name will surely remind you of musical artist Lena Willikens’s song Noya Noya


Rebecca comes as another best Hebrew name for your baby girl. The name is derived from the Ribqah. Well, the meaning of this beautiful name is a servant of God. Going by a fact, in the Hebrew Bible, Rebecca was a woman married to Issac. Esau and Jacob were her sons. 

An actress sharing this name is Rebecca Hall. You must have watched her in one of her popular films –  The Gift and Iron Man 3. Another example is Rebecca Romijn. She is also a model-turned-actress in movies like Ugly Betty, the X-Men franchise, and Punisher


Sarah is one of the best Hebrew girl names you can opt for. The meaning of this name is Princess. So don’t you think it is a suitable name for your cute little princess in your house? Some of the best examples of people sharing this name include American actress Sarah Jessica Parker, and Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska. 

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