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How To Repair A Damaged Glass Cooktop

Your glass cooktop provides you with a sleek and easy surface for cooking. Also, it gives your kitchen a shiny and attractive look. Burns and messes are not very hard to take care of on the shiny, flat surface. On the contrary, it is very difficult to clean the nooks and corners present in traditional designs.

However, the glass cooktop possesses numerous wonderful advantages. The only flaws are, it’s liable to cracks and shows scratches. Though you can easily repair it by yourself, some of them need a professional cooktop repair. If the damage is out of your hands, then search for a good repair person. Search it by typing on the search engine ‘glass stove top repair near me’.

Fixing up minor damage to the glass cooktop is not as hard as a lot of people believe. You need to follow the easy ways we have mentioned below. Therefore, if you own a glass cooktop, you will probably need to know ways to repair the damaged glass cooktop. Keep reading to know ways to repair different kinds of damages to your glass cooktops.

Rust And Burns

Suppose you’ve got tough burns, rust, and stains. There’s an easy remedy to get the brilliant glow back to your cooktop. You only need to use this rejuvenating restorer and cleaner.

First, you need to buy a touch-up kit and use the applicator pad present in the kit. It is used to take off the rust and burnt-on mess. Also, it restores glass-ceramic cooktops to a glow. Plus, it builds a barrier to make future rusts and messes easier to clean.

Chips And Cracks

Suppose you slip something on your cooktop. It will undoubtedly crack or chip the surface. Also, the glass stovetop gets cracked from the heat. If you continue using a broken glass cooktop. It would be harmful and poses a danger of electrical shock.

But, if the chip is minor, you can use epoxy for glass stove top repair. But if it is not the case, then the only way to make sure the cooktop is safe for use is to replace it. The procedure of replacing and removing the glass differs. It depends on the type of cooktop you possess.

Usually, the glass is clasped in place through screws at the front of the cooktop; then, the glass lifts out. Sometimes you have to eliminate the racks below the cooktop and lift them out to pass the glass. In both cases, make sure the power has been switched off before doing repairs.

Repair A Damaged Glass Cooktop


The glass cooktop is vulnerable to scratching. There are two kinds of scratches, light and deep scratches. Deep scratches are hard to repair, but you can easily fix up the light scratches. However, there are several methods used to remove scratches from the glass cooktop. The most helpful method is using baking soda. Taking off the scratches with baking soda is simple. You only need to have baking soda, water, and a soft cloth.

  • Start by preparing a loose paste for baking soda and water.
  • Be sure the paste that you have just made is wet. If it gets dried, things will get worse.
  • Apply the paste quickly on the glass cooktop.
  • Now, gently rub it for about two minutes.
  • Then, wipe out the paste, clean the cookware with water then dry it by wiping it with a dry cloth.

Ways To Prevent Damaging Glass Cooktop

Glass cooktop, although looks attractive, is renowned for scratching. Moreover, the worse thing is, plenty of these scratches occur during our everyday use. Besides, you can always lessen the appearance of scratches. But, the best remedy is to avoid them altogether. So, here are some tips for preventing damaging glass cooktops:

  • Never drag a pan here and there over the burner. Rather, pick it up.
  • Only use pans and pots with a smooth base when cooking on a glass top.
  • Occasionally clean the bottoms of your pans by scrubbing them. Any fold that is burned will scratch the stove.
  • If you spill something, clean it as soon as you can. Sugary spills, specifically, are famous for resulting in pitting.
  • Avoid contact between aluminium foil and your cooktop top. Foil can leave grey marks and streaks that are particularly visible on cooktops.
  • According to experts, the most suitable kind of pans to use to avoid scratches are the ones with stainless steel bases.
  • Try to keep the surface clean, even when you are not using it.
  • Use glass stove top covers and cover to protect it when not in use.


A glass cooktop gives a lot of convenient characteristics. For example, you’ll have lesser issues with food burning onto the surface. However, as we mentioned, there are some drawbacks too. They don’t function well with particular types of cookware. Though, problems that you may go through, like cracked glass stove top repair, is simpler than others.

Regardless, only minor damages can be repaired. If the damage is huge, then you will have no option other than the cooktop glass replacement.

Moreover, you can call a technician for electric glass top stove repair. Though, prevention is always better than cure. Purchasing a good quality electric stove with a good-quality cooktop will considerably lower the possibility of it getting damaged. Therefore, make sure that you invest in a good-quality electric cooktop if you wish to perform for a long time.

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