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50 of The Funniest Wordplay Puns About Bones

Bones are one of the strongest organs of our body. Facts say we have about 206 bones in our bodies. Everything about our bones is so intriguing, right from their anatomy to their physiology, also their puns. Wondering! Well, you must go through some hand-picked puns about bones to understand that our bones aren’t just strong, they are funny too.

Popular Bone Puns

In this article, we’ve created a list of some of the funniest bone-puns. 

  1. I knew the skull wasn’t going to win the argument. It didn’t have a leg to stand on.
  2. The skeleton was so stupid, he was a total numskull.
  3. Leg bones are known for always wanting to tell the truth. They find it easy tibia honest.
  4. Ribcages often get sick when it’s falls, because of all the windy days. The chill goes right through them.
  5. Getting hurt is such a bone-breaking experience, but you can’t deny it’s a spine-tickling event.
  6. I love my funny bone. There is no denying that I find it very humerus.
  7. Try as she might, the skeleton just couldn’t manage to drag herself out of bed. She was bone tired.
  8. Ribcages are terrible liars. You can see right through them.
  9. You can always tell when a spine finds your bone puns funny. They start cracking up.
  10. The bone was making me annoyed, he kept telling lies. If you ask me, he was a total phoney-ba-boney.
  11. The skeleton wanted to play the trombone, but I thought the saxabone would suit it better. Tibia honest, both instruments can be quite humerus when you are feeling bonely.
  12. I bought my skeleton a new plant to say sorry for all the skeleton joke articles I’d been writing. He absolutely loves his bone-sai tree.
  13. The skeleton couldn’t look at the spare ribs I was making. He didn’t have the stomach for it.
  14. The ribcage really wanted to start a fight on Halloween. He had a bone to pick with the werewolf.
  15. Bone lovers always tend to like spending time in the forest. I found out that it’s because they like the s-pine trees.
  16. We had to discipline the naughty skeleton, so we put him in a  rib cage.
  17. Did you hear about the bone that was almost eaten by a group of wild dogs? It was a marrow escape.
  18. I used to have loads of funny spine puns, but now my supply is bone dry. I obviously wasn’t as femurous as I thought I was.
  19. I went to a school for learning about bones for a while. I’m sad I graduated, I really liked going to osteoclass.
  20. I asked my butcher to give me some t-bones, but instead he gave me sirloins. It was only when I got home that I realised he’d made a mis-steak.
  21. The rib cage would always order a wine that was full bodied in the restaurant, I didn’t want to say anything but I’m pretty sure it was because it didn’t have one.
  22. Bones are always so calm. Nothing ever gets under their skin.
  23. American skeletons love the history of America. Their favorite part is the bit about Napoleon Bone-a-part.
  24. Every Sunday, the ribcage likes to play his organ for the congregation.
  25. If your friends don’t laugh at these hilarious bone puns, their funny bone is probably broken.
  26. I was worried that my bone humor would fall flat, but then I used my funny bone.
  27. No one knees to know this, but I really kneed you.
  28. I met a femur who was detached from the rest of the skeleton. He was feeling pretty bone-ly.
  29. I had to send my spine to prison. It was bad to the bone.
  30. Backbones are great at chopping down trees. They make brilliant lumbar-jacks.
  31. My best friend told me he had my back. I’d been wondering where that went.
  32. I left a skull out in the sun. It became bone dry.
  33. I guess I could learn femur skeleton puns if you don’t like these.
  34. I want to tell some more funny bone jokes, but I just don’t have the guts to.
  35. My skull doesn’t mind when I call it a bonehead.
  36. It was pretty clear that the skeleton was having a great time at the party. He looked like he was having an osteoblast.
  37. Tibia honest, it takes a lot of spine to memorize jokes and puns about the bones in the skeleton.
  38. I had to cancel the art show I organised for my skull-ptures. My heart wasn’t in it.
  39. Lots of bones try to be cool, but none are ever going to be more trendy than the hip.
  40. I knew what was about to happen next when I turned into a skeleton. I could feel it in my bones.
  41. Just hold tight, this is all going tibia okay.
  42. This article is just trying way too hard tibia list of funny skeleton jokes.
  43. The skeleton was pretty lonely when he realised he had nobody.
  44. My bones don’t follow normal rules. They’re bone tibia wild.
  45. I’m finding these skeleton jokes and anatomy puns very humerus.
  46. A dog’s favorite book is Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Bone.
  47. I saw a snake that was a skeleton once, it gave me a real fright. It was a rattler.
  48. I went to an anatomy beauty contest. It was kind of boring, in the end, nobody won.
  49. I had a guitar pick made of bone and I lost it somewhere in my bedroom. I really have a bone to pick with myself for being so careless.
  50. I picked up a pile of bones I ordered online. I was surprised that they weight a skele-tonne.


Bones have been known for being one of the strongest organs in our body. There are about 206 bones in our body. Osteology is one of the most interesting sciences in our body, given that bones have one of the most interesting anatomy and physiology, and the importance they have for forming the skeleton of our body, makes them one of the most studied organs. 

This article is based on the various puns that are created around bones. It intends to discover funny wordplays around bones and their facts.

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