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Fleabag Season 3. Renewal Status, Cast, and Plot

Fleabag season 3 is a series composed of comedy-drama with British origin done by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, with single women and featured in 2013 with TWO BROTHERS PICTURES producers.

Fleabag has 12 episodes,6 for season one and the other 6 for the second season.

It was originally released in August 2016 for the first season by the BBC TWO production company and later by AMAZON PRIME VIDEO in September 2016.

The show returned for a second season in 2019.

The series revolves around Fleabag, who is independent but a very bitter young woman living a very complicated life in London. It depicts the 21st century free yet broken woman who goes through struggles and sex craving, differences with her family and wanting love with honesty which is relevant with today’s woman.

The series also depicts sibling rivalry between Fleabag and Claire, who is fleabag’s big sister.

According to the world’s record, and had the second rank in 2010.

Barrack Obama, the former United States president, named it as a favorite in the 2019 series.


The series received a lot of positivity concerning the concept, skirt, play, with originality in the characters and personas.

fleabag season three
fleabag season three

In the initial series, Waller-Bridge scooped the BATA for being the best female performer. In the following series, Waller-Bridge earned an excellent comedian and actress, with an excellent content creator. The movie was ranked among the best television series with the best actress and received the Golden Globe Award.

Waller-Bridge had a firm stand that there will be no season 3 even after the show received many good reviews and a top ranking among the audience.


In March 2019, in an interview with the BBC, Phoebe told them that there would be no more season claiming it was “the final curtain.”

No release date season since there will be no show even after the series scooping many globe awards.

The Guardian’s gave it the 8th position in the 21st century


There was no change in the lead characters. The same ones have been the main characters for the last two seasons that is:

  1. Phoebe waller bridge as fleabag is a young independent woman living a very complicated life trying to survive in London while dealing with a recent tragedy that happened to her.
  2. Sian Clifford is a sister to fleabag, where we see sibling rivalry between fleabag and Claire.
  3. Andrew Scott with the priest role whom fleabag fall in love within 2nd season.


The series is based on a true story that revolves around a city woman living an independent, bitter and complicated life trying to keep up with London life. The story is set such that the viewers have an intimate relationship with Fleabag after the lustful relationship with the priest. Fleabag seems to have lost that and now shares her thoughts with the priest, making it a throuple.

It begins with how she disgusts herself and has no meaning for life due to her many things. But later ends up believing in love and forgives herself again. Despite her flashy lifestyle and how she dresses and pimps herself, it seems ironic because of her name  “Fleabag,” which keeps her sane, a dirty and unkempt person. She falls in love with the priest, which keeps her sane and makes her avoid going back to the old habits but later ends their relationship when the priest decided to chose and follow his faith over their love for each other. After the priest’s break, we hope we will get our intimate relationship with Fleabag and share all her moments and thoughts with us.

Fleabag’s father ends marrying her evil godmother, and the priest leads the wedding. On the other hand, Claire, who is fleabag’s big sister, seems to have finally had a good relationship with fleabag despite their rivalry most of the time, and this happens at a good time because of Claire’s marriage is breaking.

In the last episode, after the break of a lustful relationship with the priest, Fleabag makes another choice. Instead of turning to the camera and sharing the moments with us, she shakes her head. She shows us her back, walking away, saying, “we cannot follow her,” and waves as she walks away, ending the intimate relationship between her and us and seems like she is breaking up with us.


Despite the series receiving Globe awards and being highly ranked by the audience, Phoebe claimed there would be no more season claiming it was the last season and needed a break.

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