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Johnny Sins Net Worth, How Much Is Johnny Sins Worth

It might appear weird but I must say that there are some unusual careers which if explored can fetch a lucrative career. Now you must be wondering what kind of strange job I am pointing to. Well, it is adult entertainment. There is nothing to be shy about. 

We all enjoy the fun of watching porn videos and films. But ever know that it is not merely a common dose of film that we are watching to quench our lusty desires. It is a business. And there are stars like Johnny Sins who make a name for themselves. He is an adult star from America whom I would like you to know about in this article. 

Johnny is not confined to doing porn acts. He also dons other skills as a director and is also a YouTuber. If you look at him, he appears to be a tall, bald guy with a muscular body. Yes, these guys do come with a macho look. 

Putting aside popular adult stars like Sunny Leone, if you browse on the internet for pornographic content, then Johnny Sins are among the most typed searches. And let me tell you he is also the winner of a few AVN awards for the Best Male Performer of the Year. 

All those girls who love watching porn would certainly moan over his stunning looks and muscular physique. The actor-director Johnny has made appearances in around 500 porn films. Now let us know more about his life, career, earnings, etc.

Personal Details 

Full Name: Steven Wolfe
Stage Name: Johnny Sins
Gender: Male
Birthday: 31st December 1978
Place Of Origin: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA
Age: 42 years old
Height: 1.83 m
Weight: 83 kg
Nationality: American
Sexual orientation:  Straight
Status: Divorced
Spouse: Kissa Sins
Profession: Pornographic actor, director, internet personality
Total Net Worth: $5 million


Early Life

Johnny was born in 1978 on 31st December in Pennsylvania. It would come as a surprise for you that this adult star was shy during his grown-up days. Before getting entry into the porn industry, Johnny did a six days working job in a construction company. He noticed the symptoms of male baldness during his early days. 

And after that, he continued donning a bald look. When Johnny became 28 years old, he went to LA and made his debut entry into the adult entertainment world. 


Johnny might not be having a single hair on his scalp, still, his muscular physique and six feet height make him grab the attention of female viewers. He weighs around 83 kg.

Personal Life

At present, Johnny lives in Las Vegas with his wife Kissa. She also shares the same profile with her husband in being an adult star. Their relationship did not last long and parted ways later. But they are still in touch with each other as friends. 


Johnny began his career in the adult industry via the American classified advertisement site, Craiglist. A Canadian pornographic video production company even termed him ‘Go to Guy’ for the studio. 

There he made performances with more than 1000 scenes two years ago on 1st April. Throughout his adult career, Johnny appeared in more than 2,250 porn videos. 

Six years ago, on 10th June, a very popular porn website How much Johnny Sins net worthcame up with a crowdfunding campaign through one of the crowdfunding websites. The motive was the production of a porn movie in space. Johnny along with his co-pornstar Eva was supposed to do the scenes in the movie. 

Had the project succeeded in garnering the desired funding goal of $3.4 million, the two pornstars would have gone to serious training for temperature, and other aspects. When Johnny was asked about this, he said it is all about creating a history in the world of adult entertainment. 

The campaign did garner more than $230K during the sixty days. But eventually did not succeed.Way back in 2017, Johnny and Kissa together came up with a YouTube channel, which they named SinsTV. 

It covered all the daily routine life and even featured advice on sexual matters. In the current year, 2021, this channel amassed a subscription of 1.73 million. One of the videos of their channel spoke about Turkish snacks that shortly became one of the top-ranked videos in Turkey.

In 2018 July, there were pictures of Johnny with other adult actors painted on either side of buses that journeyed to the south Indian state Kerala. This painting was intended for a marketing campaign in boosting the tour rides. 

Winning Accolades

In the later year, Johnny became the recipient of an honorary award of Most Popular Male Performer by Women during an annual event of Pornhub Award Function. The winning honors were calculated as per the streaming data of the users. 

Non-Active Since 2019

By 2019, Johnny became inactive on adult videos. However, he stated about his comeback in the upcoming years. 

Net Worth Of Johnny Sins

In 2021, $5 million is the estimated net worth of the adult porn star Johnny Sins. He earned his immense wealth via his successful career in the porn industry. It has been 2 and ½ decades now. He earned a lot of wealth by appearing in adult videos on top pornographic sites. 

But apart from his successful porn career, Johnny also made huge chunks of money through his YouTube channel advertisements and dealing with wellness firms for endorsing products.

Ending Note

Apart from Johnny, there are many adult stars including Kissa Sins. She also shares the same profile of adult entertainment with her then co-star and husband Johnny Sins. Kissa also made a successful career in the porn industry and became much more popular than other adult stars including Sunny Leone, Sasha Grey, Eva Lovia, and many more. 

When it comes to hotness and sleazy pornographic scenes, then Kissa Sins would make any guy quench his lustful desires. Many conservative minds might not look at adult entertainment in a good manner. But now it has become a lucrative business like any other industry. All it requires is how determined you are for your goal and winning accolades. 

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