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Top Picks for Men Working from Home

We are going through a strange phase when your formal attires are collecting dust in your closets and you are wearing your tattered and old sweatpants while working from home. Business casuals have now been given a lot of attention and limelight.

A lot of brands are working on introducing new ranges of casual men’s clothing. In today’s world, loungewear is used as workwear by millions of men like you out there as we are working from home.

Here are a few top picks that you can try out:

Classic Tee from Buck Mason Vintage Collection. This is a great pick when you are at home and bored of looking messy in your old and tattered clothes. Picking up a tee from the Buck Mason collection would help you look good without putting in a lot of effort. This brand offers the best casual gent’s wear. This white tee is eye-catching and nice.

Here are a few top picks that you can try out

  • Long-sleeves shirts by Janji Runpaca

This is a perfect pick for cool weather and this is a mix of thermo-regulating and super-soft cotton. If you wear this, you will not have to change for a video call or if you want to run to the nearest convenience store to pick up some essentials.

This menswear is comfortable and looks really great. This would help you feel good about yourself and confident while you are working from home.

  • Thermopolis joggers from Asics 

These joggers are a perfect combination of comfort and warmth when you are confining yourself indoors while working from home. This pair of joggers is a stretchy, super-smooth and polyester-spandex blend that makes them a perfect choice.

This can suitably work indoors as well as outdoors in your apartment premises. So, once you wear these joggers, you do not need to change them every time you step out of your door.

  • T-shirt from the Banana Republic 

This is an ultimate utility player that defines men’s fashion in the best possible manner. This can be a perfect pick while you are working from home as this is a very good choice of casuals that you can wear.

They are available in various colors and thus you can have a drawer full of these men’s T-shirts. Whether you are working from your couch or engaging in a video call, you can be in this T-shirt.

  • Interval pants from Ten Thousand 

This can prove to be one of the most comfortable sweaters that can be a very comfortable wear for you while you are dedicating long hours working from home. This is made up of the highest performance materials that pill or bunch up like cotton. This is the ultimate thing that you can include in your wardrobe and this would be one of your top possessing when it comes to men’s clothing.

  • Shorts from Aviator Nation 

Board shorts are not at all farfetched when you are thinking of getting a warmer feeling during the colder months. This can be a great asset in your wardrobe when it comes to your casual menswear collection.

  • Sportiqe Joggers 

The time you spend working from home should be comfortable. And you can make it comfortable by owning a pair of Sportiqe Joggers. This would offer you ultimate comfort right from the morning till the evening. This is a heritage brand whose products are known for offering the best level of comfort.

  • Bomber Jacket 

The Bomber Jacket from the house of Alpha Industries is nothing less than a style staple. A good bomber jacket would give you a classic look and you can wear it in the colder months when you are working from home.

This is very popular menswear and thus you should essentially include this in your wardrobe. This jacket can be worn relevantly both indoors and outdoors.

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