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Top Family Locator Apps For Android & iOS Users

When it comes to tracing location, then it cannot always be looked upon with suspicion. If we see its positive side, then it can prove much beneficial in tracing the whereabouts of your child. Being parents it is natural to feel worried about children whenever they are out of sight. Even though texting a message or even calling is the best way out, still, it cannot always be helpful. 


Family Locator Apps for Android and iOS

And it is especially at times when your son or daughter are on the drive, or maybe busy in some urgent meeting at a far distance from home. So to help you out in tracking your loved ones, I bring you a list of some of the top family locator apps. The good part is they are applicable for both Android and iOS users. So let’s check out which are they:

Google Maps

When it comes to listing the top family locator apps, then Google Maps is the most noted option. It is acquainted with the inbuilt provision of location sharing. You can access this app from your mobile device and also on a web app. When you see the home screen of this family location app, you need to click upon the menu (shown with 3 horizontal bars). 

After that, you will see the Location Sharing option. Tap on it and click on the button of Share Location. In the next step, you have to make a selection of contacts for location sharing. When contacts are selected, Google Maps will start accessing your location, instantly. But to view their location, requesting access is a must. 

The time duration for sharing location can range from 1 hour to three days. Or you can also prefer to share an unspecified location, till the time you turn it off. Besides this, it will be possible for you to view the correct address of the contact, and can also navigate via the directions tab. 

Pros & Cons

In case, you see a heap of clutter on Google Maps, then there is a solution for it which is concealing those contacts. Not to worry, you can add them back later. You can also set up a shortcut for every person on your Android phone’s home screen. The major advantage of Google Maps is it can be accessed on many phones. 

Plus, it displays the battery devices of the devices that are added. This can be useful in terms of locating your child. No need to pay any price for it. Google Map is free. However, it does come with some major disadvantages including battery drainage. And another thing, you can’t see the contact’s arrival or departure notification.


After Google Maps, Glympse comes as the next best option among the family locator apps. It is very helpful in giving information about your family members regarding their current location. Using Glympse will benefit you by searching the details with the help of GPS locations of your loved ones. All you have to do is open this family locator app on your mobile device, and tap on the option that reads ‘New Glimpse’. 

In the next step, you can go for either option, be it texting or emailing another person. If you apply this step, then you will be informed about the location of the person via GPS location or network. Glympse will benefit you in providing the real-time details of the person at a recent moment. 

Other apps offer the provision of sharing real-time locations including the above-mentioned one, Google Maps. But with Glympse, there is no mandatory need for any other person in installing the application. All it requires is a web browser to access your shared link through an email or even by SMS. 

Pros & Cons

Glympse comes up with the advantage of not finding the need for another person’s mobile device to download anything. This family locator app also provides the option of power mode. Your location only gets updated at times of someone’s recent view. Like Google Maps, Glympse is also free. Another benefit is information adjustment for a specific time on the program. Coming on to its demerits, Glympse lacks in providing real-time tracking. Also, it requires manual updating of location. 

Find My Kids

Coming on to the next family locator app is Find My Kids. The name itself is enough to hint you about its objective. This app helps track down the whereabouts of your kids who are minors and do not fall in the age group of 18. In comparison to other competitor family locator apps, Find My Kids only permits the parents to check the location of their children. 

To help them out, this app facilitates them with the provision of hearing the phone surroundings of their child. Plus, it also provides information at the time of departure when the kid has left his school or playground. Moreover, it also gives parents notifications regarding their low phone battery, usage of their mobile app, and lots more. 

Parents are supposed to download the ‘Pingo: Chat with Parents’ application on their child’s phone for better working. You can call it an additional advantage since it offers you the choice to interact with your son or daughter. It also sends an SOS signal simply from the app. It is available on Android.

Pros & Cons

Although the Find My Kids app is free, it also comes with an in-app purchase option. Two major advantages of his family locator app are it notifies parents about their kids’ departure from a specific location. Another big advantage is it mentions exact location history. Coming on to the demerits, it’s a subsidiary app, Pingo can cause extreme consumption of your phone battery in contrast to other location-sharing apps. Moreover, this app is prone to bugs that cause random closure of this app.

Life 360

Among the list of best family locator apps include Life 360. It is an alarming choice when it comes to the safety of your family members by giving you updates. Other than Android users, people with iOS support devices can also access this app. Coming on to its features, Life 360 helps people with its wonderful check-out features that keep them updated about the specific destinations or any place where they are in. 

Life 360 operates in circles that are helpful in programing for listing out details. The feature that sets Life 360 apart from other family locator apps is its amazing automated feature of giving notifications about someone’s arrival or departure from a specified place. Hence, you don’t have to carry out a load of constant lookout for visitors’ real-time locations. 

Pros & Cons

The main advantage of the Life 360 family locator app is its potential to load ongoing directions and information of route in a simpler way. It lets people interact with no need for texting messages on someone’s mobile. Information regarding people in your circle can be shared by you. This app is free, but also has a premium paid option of $5 monthly. It does come with a disadvantage which is sending invitations to multiple devices for tracing. Plus, Life 360 has got mixed opinions regarding battery usage. 

Final Words

So now be rest assured of the safety of your family members, friends and children. These family locator apps indeed prove much helpful in tracking the whereabouts of your loved ones in whichever place they are in. One needs to install these apps from their mobile devices. These are applicable for both Android and iOS users. 

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