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Techpally Tips to using Business Card for Marketing

Even in today’s digitized world, business card is still an effective tool for connecting with customers, regardless of whether they are new customers or new business partners.

However, it is difficult to understand the reason business owners don’t employ this tool in promoting their businesses

If you find it difficult to attract new customers in any event, then businesspally CEO has discussed with us strategies that fan help you to land a new contract if you’re reluctant approaching potential customers

Business cards work particularly well when you can approach other people and easily get into conversation with them.

When can  Business Cards be used for marketing?

Anyone who prints over 1000 business cards for a trade fair in order to hand them to every visitor at the first opportunity should better not print business cards and instead use other marketing tools.

Due to its size, a business card can only contain little information. It is therefore hardly possible to include much more information besides the logo, your own name and the address of the company.

If necessary, your own slogan or your own services can be sketched out in one or two bullet points.

It is precisely this little information on the business card that means that no argument can be built up to convince potential customers of the company.

Anyone who sits in the office after a trade fair will probably not decide which company to hire based on the business cards at hand.

The discussion at the fair with business owners is probably more than what’s just stated on business cards, therefore, many people through business cards into junk can.

It is more important to convince potential business partners and customers in a conversation, businesspally boss advised.

As soon as they are convinced, it is time to hand over the business card.

When it comes to making a purchase decision after the trade fair, the business card is used to have the name and contact details of the person ready.

Is Business card marketing for B2B or B2C?

Basically, one can assume that business cards always make sense where there is intensive personal customer contact.

Handing out business cards as a local baker probably doesn’t make sense.

Using business cards as a local roofer, on the other hand, makes a lot more sense.

As a customer, it is useful here to have a business card with the contact details of a contact person whom you can contact, for example to talk about how the roof on your own house could be renewed.

Are robustly designed business cards worthwhile?

Robust business cards can be very useful. With the simple business cards, there is very little interest in throwing them into the wastebasket.

Almost artistically designed and very high-quality business cards, on the other hand, rarely end up in the wastepaper basket.

In addition, high-quality business cards are also a statement: “If you make an effort to design your own business card, you will also make the effort to meet my customer needs”.

This is the conclusion most people draw from a quality business card, says businesspally boss.

Fortunately, today there are very many ways to design your own business card.

The Business of Techpally can be printed on different papers (eg fine paper postcard cardboard, recycled paper or uncoated paper).

In addition, the business cards can be refined with the help of different processes, which gives the business cards a very special look.

A great business card will never turn a convinced non-customer into a customer, says Techpally boss.

Therefore, the goal should rather be to hand over their business card to potential customers only when they are already convinced of your company but cannot yet make a purchase decision.

If the potential customer then sits at his desk and tries to evaluate the potential companies in order to then decide on the best company, they probably also have the business cards of the various contact persons ready.

If your business card now stands out from those of the other companies, the potential customer could subconsciously see your company as superior to the other.

Not everyone is a born designer and can give their own business cards an unforgettable look.

Instead of trying to develop a reasonably working design yourself, it is often better to hire a professional designer.

Description of services in the business card

It can make sense, if the design and the available space on the business card allows it, to outline the company’s core offering in addition to the logo, name and address of the company with one or two bullet points.

A marketing agency could, for example, add its own specialization as an embroidery point in the business card, such as “sports marketing”, “B2B marketing” or “influencer marketing”.

Such a bullet point can be a very good reminder, especially if the logo, company name or slogan does not make it clear what the company does exactly.

However, you should be careful with complicated terms as a description of services.

Ideally, everyone should immediately understand what the company is doing based on the one or two bullet points.

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