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Control Z Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Crew and Latest Updates

If you have a taste for crime drama series, then Control Z on the Netflix network is a must-watch. You must have watched a school drama series with some love triangle brewing between the leading cast. But Control Z does not carry that kind of usual stuff. Moreover, you will see violence here. The story takes a serious turn following the death of a classmate, who is shot and left to die bleeding on the streets. 

The deceased student is Luis. His death makes other students shocked. An individual with concealed identity is tormenting them to take revenge for the deadly demise of their classmate. Things start taking a more violent turn when after attacks on social media, things also get serious in real life, following more deaths. The last final season does not come as a disappointment hinting at another cruel death. 

The messy and dramatic storyline of the crime teen drama show is worth engaging. Control Z is a streaming teen drama from Mexico. The credit for the creation and development of this show goes to Miguel Moreno, Carlos Sakar, Adriana, and Lemon Studios. The premiere of this crime teen drama took place last year on May 22. 

It comes up with a wonderfully talented cast including Michael Ronda, Ana Becerril, and many others. In a very short time, the renewal of season 2 was done last year (2020) on May 29. It was released on August 4 with eight episodes for 4o minutes running time in 2021. And in another month, the renewal of season 3 also got planned with an expected release in 2022. 

Since seasons 1 and 2 of Control Z have ended, so now everyone is expecting the third season of the crime teen drama. So let us find out when it is going to take place in this article. 

Show Details 

TV Series: Control Z
Genre: Teen – Drama
Created by: Carlos Quintanilla Sakar, Adriana Pelusi & Miguel García Moreno
Directed by: Alejandro Lozano &  Bernardo de la Rosa
Place Of Origin: Mexico
Main Cast: Ana Valeria Becerril, Michael Ronda, Yankel Stevan, and others
Original language: Spanish
Number of seasons: 2
Number of episodes: 16

Control Z Season 3 Release Date

Story plot

Control Z is a crime, mysterious drama revolving around the turbulent life of National school students afflicted by anonymous negative characters. It all follows after the painful death of a student following a gunshot. Then a series of violent events take place that binds every school student. 

A team including Adriana, Miguel, and Carlos are behind the wonderful curation of Control Z. This teen drama show has received a good response from the viewers and also from the critics. Hence, this is evidence that this teen drama show is worth watching. The premiere of the show took place in 2020. 

In season 2 the Mexican teen drama Control Z shows continuous threats on students. Sofia, the mainstream character of the show, also finds herself helpless in dealing with the situation. The violent cliffhanger show has raised the quotient of curiosity among its viewers who are finding it hard to wait for the upcoming season 3.

The cast of Control Z

The more engaging the storyline, the more robust part of the teen crime drama Control Z is the cast of talented actors. All of them have excelled in the portrayal of their characters on the show. The leading star cast of Control Z is Ana Becerril. She plays the leading character Sofia. 

Michael Ronda plays the character of Javier. He is the one who helps Sofia, who seems loyal to her. Yankel Steven plays the role of Raul who is obsessed with Sofia. The more casting actors who play their assigned characters include Luis Curiel as Luis, Patricio Gallardo as Gerry, Kariam Castro as Valeria, Macarena Romero as Natalia, and others. 

Rodrigo Cachero plays the character of Quintanilla, the principal of the National school. He is shown having an affair with the mother (played by Rocio of central character Sofia. Her name is Nora played by actress Rocio Verdejo. The other supporting cast includes Thanya Lopez, playing the role of Susana, Mauro Navarro as Bruno, and Lidia Jose as Gabriela. 

In the 3rd season, these actors would continue playing the assigned roles from the previous seasons. If you have not missed the second season, then you must be knowing that the character Susana played by Thanya Lopez dies at the end. Even Luis, played by Luis Curiel, is also no longer alive, but we might see him in the flashbacks in the new upcoming seasons including the 3rd one. 

The expected plot of Control Z’s season 3

The closure of the second season of Control Z is followed by the exposure of a character named Alex. She is found to be the person who avenges and torments the students of the National school. The reason for her violent torture of them is to make them realize the similar remorse that she had experienced. 

And it all happens after she gets too disturbed by the brutal death of Luis, her friend. Even the departure of Gabriela also deeply affects Alex. The final moments show the quarrel over a bag containing money, resulting in the falling of Susana, the new principal of the National school. 

In the upcoming season 3, we might expect to see the students picking fights among themselves after the death of the school principal. Since much of the deadlock has come in social media, the characters Gerry, Sofia, Alex, and Raul could be blamed for the murder. In the closing of the 2nd season, we saw Pablo, the former friend of Raul, get over his money. 

We might have to see the tormenting of National school students by some other classmate, who is also an outer character for their self motives. Quintanilla, who had been the ex-principal of the National School will make a comeback with an antagonist character. 

Release of Control Z season 3: Is it canceled or delayed?

The premier of Control Z’s second season came in 2021 on 4th August each with eight running episodes on the leading streaming platform Netflix. Coming to the upcoming third season of this teen crime drama series, as of now no official declaration has come regarding cancellation or greenlit from the show’s creators. The expected release of the Control Z third season might hit the screens by 2022. 

So be patient for the new year folks!

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