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The Worst Witch Season 5: Release Date: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Crew and Latest Updates

Other than television shows for adults, there are shows available for children also. Other than the Harry Potter series, kids can enjoy watching The Worst Witch, a British-German fantasy TV series co-produced by 3 networks – Netflix, Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen, and Children’s British Broadcasting Corporation. Well, this fantasy drama made its debut on CBBC four years ago on 11th January. 

Like many of the TV series which are either based upon the real person, events, or even a book, The Worst Witch is also the visual interpretation of a book of similar title authored by Jill Murphy. These books were published between 1974 to 2018. Emma Reeves took the task of writing it for the television series. It is known to be the 5th adaptation after a follow-up of a TV film that came in 1986, followed by a TV series in 1988, and spin-offs in 2001 and 2005.

The show has amassed a stable fan following and has gained popularity for its twist on a recurrent theme of boarding school and imaginary stories. Till now, four seasons of fantasy drama The Worst Witch had already taken place. The last fourth season took place last year (2020). All of them have been successful in gripping the attention of viewers. 

After getting a good response from the previous season, now all expectations are on season 5 of The Worst Witch. So let us know whether it is going to happen, or is delayed or canceled. Let’s find out in this article. 

Show Details

TV Series: The Worst Witch
Genre: Fantasy & drama
Created by:  Lauren Gussis
Based on: The Worst Witch book by Jill Murphy
Place Of Origin: United Kingdom – Germany
Starcast:  Bella Ramsey, Lydia Page, Meibh Campbell, Megan Hughes, Tamara Smart
Original language: English
Number of seasons: 4
Number of episodes: 52

The Worst Witch Season 5: Release Date

Story Plot of The Worst Witch

Now coming up to the story plot of The Worst Witch centers around a mainstream character Milfred’s life and adventures. The story goes on when she discovers herself in an illusionary world. She also has to learn and practice magic in school. However, Mildred appears to be a decent girl who lives a joyful life with Julie, her mother. She is not aware of her ability in magic art. But all changes when the broomstick thrown at their balcony by her friend Maud Spellbody gets crashed.

And so Mildred feels a change in her life when she is welcomed to Cackle’s Academy. It is a school of witchcraft learning. Mildred can no longer lead a carefree life since she has become a student who has to learn the magic art under the monitoring eye of Miss Cackle under whom the academy is named. She has a jolly and friendly nature. But on the other side, there is Miss Hardbroom, a fearsome school deputy. 

When Mildred starts her training of magic attentively, she somehow figures out that learning magic is not that simple as it seems to be. While practicing for magic, it goes on sideways bringing a situation of comical incidents. The Worst Witch is indeed a gripping fantasy-drama show for children. It will keep them curious to know whether Mildred will ever master the magic or will remain a title character ‘ The Worst Witch’ at Cackle’s Academy of witchcraft. 

Is There Any Similarity With the Harry Potter Series?

While watching this fantasy drama series, your kid must be imagining or relating The Worst Witch with the much popular one Harry Potter series. So is there any resemblance between the two? There is a genuine reason for doing the comparison because both of them dealt with the magic of course. 

What I am trying to point out is the elements that we see in the Harry Potter series, including the surprise discovery of magic powers, the usual location of the school at the hilltop, and a headmaster with jolly nature. However, according to the protagonist essaying the character of Ramsey, The Worst Witch is not only confined to the choice of girls due to the majority of female casting. 

Even boys can enjoy watching it too. Other than magic, The Worst Witch also displays affection for sisterhood and friendship among the leading characters in this show. Like Harry Potter, viewers will expect the usual stuff including broomsticks and stunts. Watching The Worst Witch will bring back you the memories of magic stories, especially Harry Potter. So children have another reason to enjoy a wonderful magic-based series. 


After knowing a brief storyline of the fantasy drama show The Worst Witch, now let us have a glance at some of the actors in the lead playing specific characters. Let us begin with:

Bella Ramsay

Bella Ramsay was born in 2003 on 30th September. She is a talented singer and British actress, known for her roles in the popular American fantasy television drama Game of Thrones as the character of a noblewoman named Lyanna Mormont. From 2007, she has been playing the character of Mildred Hubble in The Worst Witch

Clare Higgins

Clare Higgins is another British actress who was born in 1955 on November 10. She has appeared in movies like Hellraiser, Small Faces, and Golden Compass. All these films came between 1987 to 2007. Higgins is 3 times Olivier Award winner for her plays like Hecuba. Higgins plays the character of Miss Aga Cackle in The Worst Witch.

Dagny Rollins

Dagny Rollins plays the character of Felicity Foxglove in The Worst Witch. Born in 2005 on October 28, she belongs to a family hailing from Hong Kong to Manila. Now Dagny lives in London after relocating from NYC. She has appeared in Avengers: The Age of Ultron

Will There Be Season 5 of The Worst Witch?

The premiere of the fourth season of The Worst Witch had already appeared last year on 1st October on Netflix. It ran for only thirteen episodes. In the same year, it was also shown from 27th January to 20th April on CBBC. Coming on to the 5th season, it was supposed to premiere in 2021, but Covid-19 played a spoilsport, and as of now there is no official announcement of its release from the show makers. If it takes place, then it will show the final year of Cackle academy students. 


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