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McMafia Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Crew and Latest Updates

Every viewer has their own taste of a specific genre regarding movies or TV shows. No matter whatever the choice may be, it must be engaging to the viewers. If crime drama series hold most of your attention, then McMafia is the best pick that would keep you glued to your screens. The premiere of this crime drama show came 3 years ago on 1st January on the British television network BBC One and in the United States on AMC on 26th February.

McMafia is a visual adaptation of a book with a similar title that reads McMafia: A Journey through the Global Criminal Underworld. It was published long ago in 2008. Misha Glenny is the author of it. She is a journalist by profession. The co-production of the McMafia crime drama show has been done by the British Broadcasting Corporation, Cuba Pictures, and American Movie Classics. 

The title of the show is enough to hint you about the concept of the show. Yes, this crime drama show highlights the mafia world, including underworld dons and high-profile criminals of the international level. By watching McMafia you will come to know exactly how these people play smart tactics in fooling around intelligence agencies, and manipulate governments, and play with money and law at their will. Other than entertaining, this crime drama show will also make you understand how the mafia world operates. 

McMafia had a big impact in changing the law and legislation of the United Kingdom. The drafting of new law led to the capturing of foreign assets in case a person fails to prove his assets on a legal point. No matter if this show deals with the dark subject of crime, still, it has been successful in grabbing much fame among the viewers. Even the critics have applauded it.

Now since season 1 has already taken place, all curious eyes are resting upon the release of McMafia’s second season. So let us find out when it is going to hit the screens, or whether it is delayed or canceled in this article.

Show Details 

TV Series:McMafia
Genre:Crime – Drama
Created by: Hossein Amini, James Watkins
Directed by:James Watkins
Place Of Origin:United Kingdom – United States
Starcast: James Norton, David Strathairn, Nawazzuddin Siddiqui, Juliet Rylance, Merab Ninidze, Aleksey Serebryakov & others
Original language:English
Number of seasons:1
Number of episodes:8

McMafia Season 2 Release Date

Storyline Of McMafia

As mentioned above, the crime drama show McMafia is a visual adaptation of the bestselling book of a similar title. The story of this crime drama series revolves around the mafia world and the global spreading of mobs. The main story of McMafia revolves around a man about his revenge and survival. The tale of this man’s struggle becomes legendary. 

The show addresses the quarrels and struggles that are centered on the corruption brewing in the contemporary world. It also includes examining one’s mental and emotional processes while facing the issues in the outer world. Well, it won’t be nice if I spill the beans of the story plot of McMafia. It would be better to watch the previous season if you haven’t yet. But somehow, I can brief you about where the story begins from. 

It starts with the attempt to attack Vadim Kalyagin, a businessman from Russia. This leads to the vengeance against the uncle of Alex Godman, an investment fund manager provoking him for the battle of power between underworld criminals of Russia and Israel. It is a dark world in which Alex finds capable of keeping his investment firm out, despite his father’s interest in the underworld mafia in Russia. 

McMafia also shows Lyudmilla, a woman at a young age, arriving in Cairo to make her career as a beautician. But instead, she lands in trouble and gets cheated. She even gets kidnapped by human traffickers. Semiyon a mafia character aims for authoritarian power over Mumbai from Russian businessman Vadim. He looks for allies regarding the need for money. Semiyon considers Alex as an easy tool that would fulfill his motive of money transfer through his investment firm, of which Alex has been keeping a secret from his staff. 


A robust script itself is not enough to garner the attention of viewers. It is the actors that make a television show worth watching. So after knowing briefly about the storyline of McMafia, now let me introduce you to some of the actors who are playing their part of characters in this crime drama show. Let us begin with the leading actor:

James Norton

James Norton plays the role of Russian businessman Alex Norton in McMafia. Born in London in 1985 on July 18th, the British actor has appeared in 3 other TV series – Grantchester and War & Peace. He was also seen in Happy Valley. James has also been nominated for supporting actor at an award function held six years ago. His name came on the nomination list because of his character in Happy Valley as Tommy Lee, an ex-convict. 

Sofia Lebedeva

Sofia plays the character of Lyudmilla, a young woman who seeks the job of a beautician but ends up getting cheated and kidnapped by human traffickers. She is used as a sex object to extract out the secrets of the business partners of Semiyon. Sofia was born in Russia in 1993 on 14th December. Other than McMafia, she also appeared in Byvshie in 2017 and also in Posledniy Minister last year (2020). 

Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Surprised Nah! Yes, this talented gem actor of Bollywood is also part of the casting of McMafia. Till now, you must have seen Nawazuddin portraying various characters in Indian films like Gangs of Wasseypur, Sacred Games, Black Friday, Raman Raghav 2.0, Manjhi – The Mountain Man, and other brief roles. But now in McMafia, you will see him portraying the character of Dilly Mahmood, a business partner from India. 

McMafia Season 2 Release

The premiere of McMafia first season had already aired in the United Kingdom, in 2018 on 1st January and 26th February same year. The renewal of the second season of this crime drama show was done by BBC and American Movie Classics. It was about to premiere in 2020, but now it is expected to take place in 2022. 

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