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The Importance Of Choosing The Right Accessories To Tie Together An Outfit

Pulling together an outfit can make a significant difference to how you feel about yourself and thus succeed in life. Picking out the clothing items you look your best in for an occasion is only half the story. Getting the right accessories ties the pieces together into a complete outfit suitable for your needs. Get it wrong, and your outfit will look different, dampening your confidence and joy.


There are times when garish chunky pieces are the ideal way to go for an occasion; however, there are times such pieces would look out of place. An elegant event requires an equally sleek look that garish costume jewelry can’t achieve. Such an occasion warrants a daintier (though not necessarily demur) type of jewels to bring that air of elegance to your look.


A monochrome outfit can look fashionable and fresh, but occasionally it becomes a little overwhelming. Adding a flash or pop of color can instantly lift the interest of such an outfit without detracting from the overall look. Try a pair of bright fashionable socks with a suit to give that hint of color as you walk while keeping it professional.

Multi-functional Accessories

A multi-purpose piece turns an accessory into a versatile essential that can change the look of an outfit in seconds. Tying a scarf through the belt loops of a pair of jeans gives them a casual boho feel. Switch that scarf for a leather belt and tie it in a bow at the neckline, and suddenly the same outfit has a more mature look. What better way to get a full day’s wear out of your clothes while moving from one activity to another?


Simple or flashy, a bag rounds out a look and sets you up for the day. A simple leather shoulder bag turns a plain top and jeans outfit into a smart casual look that looks good shopping, in the office, or out for lunch with friends. However, such a bag seems out of place on a night out, so switching to a clutch will put you in the right mood. Even a day out hiking requires the correct type of bag to ensure comfort and ample room to carry supplies. You may consider it a piece of equipment at this point, but it’s still an accessory, and there’s a good chance you’ve considered color and style when choosing which one to buy.


Footwear can be easily forgotten when considering how an outfit looks, yet it significantly impacts things. Choose the wrong shoes or boots, and you’re left looking clunky and unpolished. However, wearers can use clashing footwear to good effect in the right circumstances. Think of the grunge look of heavy boots with cargo shorts or floral skirts or the recent trend for trainers with a suit.

As we can see, wisely choosing accessories finishes an outfit nicely and lifts the wearer to look and feel their best.

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