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The Essential Shoes Every Woman Should Own

If you are a woman on the go you know it’s important to dress your best with the right wardrobe for every occasion. You have your little black dress for office parties and your tennis outfit for days out at the sports club, but what about your shoes? Sometimes a great look starts at the bottom so it can take you to the top!

Going shopping for shoes can be a lot of fun, trying on different looks and styles, and your choice will also depend on what outfit you intend to add your new pair of shoes to. So, are you after a fun pair of Frankie4 Jackie 3 stylish sneakers to go with that tennis outfit, or a pair of sophisticated Laguna Quays Woo sling back heels for that little black dress? There are so many options it’s hard to choose, so we have conjured up a list of what we feel are the essential shoe styles every woman should own!

Nude Pumps – These simple heels are the go-to shoe for just about anything! They work great for office meetings, dinner dates, or wedding receptions! Their neutral shade means they can blend in seamlessly with any palette of colours you need them to, and their elongating effect on your legs and quiet elegance will ensure you look and feel your best in any situation.

Sneakers – Who would have thought that a shoe designed for basketball players would be catapulted to the height of modern pop culture? Not just for the gym anymore, this versatile footwear is the chameleon of the shoe world, they look great with short skirts, tailored slacks, sports shorts, and just about everything else, they can go anywhere and you will look and feel great slipping them on for your next outing, be it a posh yacht ride or an actual game of tennis!

Ankle Boots – There’s a reason those mod 60’s fashions keep coming back in style, and it’s because they are so cool, baby! A sleek pair of ankle boots is like a leather jacket for your feet, you slip them on and you feel like the hero, or anti-hero of your own movie, ready to ride off into the sunset on your Harley, or swing into action knives out! Trendy, timeless, and always groovy, ankle boots boost your confidence because you know they kick ass!

Strappy Sandals – Speaking of the 60s, here we are again, and it’s time to walk in the sun with some flowers in your hair wearing your sweet strappy sandals! The open design lets the light in and shows some skin, adding an all-natural feminine feel to almost any outfit! It’s always a sunshine day when you wear your strappy sandals!

Ballet Flats – They used to say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but they were wrong, it’s actually ballet flats. These are the trusty, chic, and always comfortable shoes that add polish to any look. Ballet flats are perfect for a shopping safari, a luncheon with your girlfriends, or a day at the office, they can go anywhere while you do anything! Simplicity never looked so smashing!

So, slip on some cool shoes and go knock’em dead, sister!

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