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Staples for Women’s Business Casual Attire

It’s been two years since the pandemic’s onset, yet people still feel its effects in different parts of the world. Concerning businesses and office jobs, many people are still working from home, which has resulted in most individuals having a more casual wardrobe than business casual.

During all of those virtual meetings and occasional video calls, all one really needed was a comfy pair of sweatpants and a nice sheer blouse. Going back to the work atmosphere might send some people down a nervous spiral about what they should wear. Continue reading for some business casual basics.

Everyday Accessories

When it comes to accessories for the business casual look, less is always more. Any jewelry expert will quickly recommend a pair of classic earrings that fit into every scenario and environment—the stud. You can shop earrings at various online stores like Kendra Scott. Some popular workwear jewelry includes diamond stud earrings, pure silver studs, yellow gold diamond hoops, and many more. With jewelry, you should exude sophistication without being too loud. The air of elegance is shown in your choice of design and how you style it.

Versatile Tops

Women’s business casual tops can be long sleeves, three-quarter sleeves, or short-sleeved. They can be made from any choice of material like silk or chambray. The best part about choosing versatile tops is that they pair well with anything. Mix and match your pieces with dark pants, a combination of skirts, and even slacks. If you’re going to put on a cardigan or blazer, you can wear tailored tees and sleeveless tops underneath, ensuring they’re made from breathable fabric for higher comfort. Button-ups can sometimes be tricky depending on the fabric. Just make sure that you smooth out any wrinkles to achieve that professional look.

Skirts and Slacks

There are several options for this next category, and you only need to invest in options that make you feel most comfortable at work. The options include A-line skirts, asymmetrical skirts, and pencil skirts, which are classic when it comes to business casual attire. When thinking about pants, many women opt for ankle trousers, as they’re more comfortable. If your company has a casual Friday, you could wear mom jeans or wide-leg jeans, a denim jacket, or pumps with a pop of color.

Comfortable Shoes

Women’s Business Casual Attire

If comfort is your priority in a professional setting, your best bet is to get varying pumps for different workdays. Comfortable shoes are a real game-changer in the office, as they allow you to do the tasks you’ve been assigned instead of stressing over leg aches and pains. The definition of business casual can vary. So, if you don’t find that heels are necessary, you certainly don’t have to wear them.

Apart from pumps, you can try ankle boots, shoes with buckles, flats, and even sneakers if your workplace welcomes it. If you want the height of stilettos, you can consider block-heeled shoes or platforms. Have fun with your footwear choices by incorporating loud colors and patterns you find exciting. Pastels are also great for the workplace, especially when paired with plain bottoms and a patterned top. Just make sure to evaluate what seems appropriate at work.

Practical Bags

Handbags are essential in every woman’s wardrobe, even though it’s usually overlooked by many. You need a sturdy and durable bag, especially if you plan on carrying items such as your laptop, portfolio, phone, or any other essentials that you might need on the go. Sturdy bags don’t have to look extremely huge or boring, though. Go online for cute yet durable bags that also deliver your required functionality.

To conclude, the above listed are appropriate business casual basics you can always take into an office environment. Hopefully, this guide can help reduce any anxieties about heading back to the workplace.

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