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Robert Kiyosaki Net Worth, How Much Is Robert Kiyosaki Worth

Robert Kiyosaki is a popular name in the field of business and literature. He has laid the foundation of the Rich Dad Company. It is a private monetary education firm that offers business education and personal finance via videos and books to the people. The company gains finance from its franchisees that are managed by individuals by using the brand name of Kiyosaki for a fee. 

He is also known to be the person behind the foundation of the Cashflow game and other software games. The main objective of these games is to provide education in business and clearing the concept of finance to children. The conducting of Robert Kiyosaki’s seminars in Canada and the United States is done with an association of a firm that provides post-secondary education emphasizing personal success and the creation of a wealth of individuals. This company is Whitney Information Network. 

But that does not have any serious impact on his career and other aspects. Apart from being a motivational speaker, he has also established himself as an author. Among many of his authored books around 26 or more, there is a popular one that is the series of Rich Dad Poor Dad. The translation of his book on personal finance has been done in fifty-one languages. It also became the best seller around the world with the sale of 41 million copies. 

Owing to his fame you might know Robert Kiyosaki and might have read his personal finance book Rich Dad Poor Dad series, but are you aware of his early life, personal life, career, earnings, etc? If not, then today you will get to know all about it. So if ready, then let’s begin. 

Personal Details 

Full Name:Robert Toru Kiyosaki
Stage Name:Robert Kiyosaki
Birthday:8 April 1947
Place Of Origin:Hilo, Hawaii, United States
Age:74 years old
Height:1.7 m
Weight:84 kg
Sexual orientation: Straight
Spouse:Kim Kiyosaki
Profession:Writer, Author, Businessperson, Investor, Entrepreneur, Motivational speaker, Pilot
Total Net Worth:$100 million

How Much Is Robert Kiyosaki Worth

Early Life

Robert was born in 1947 in the U.S. state of Hawaii on 8th April. He is the eldest among his siblings including two sisters and one brother. He did his schooling at a reputed high school in America. Due to his intellect, Robert was given the chance to attend the New York-based Merchant Marine Academy.

In 1969, he tasted success in becoming a deck officer after completing his graduation with a degree in Bachelor of Science. During the year 1973, while serving in the military, he got selected for a two-year MBA program in a public university in Hilo. In 1974, Robert got discharged from his service in the Marine Corps with full honor. 

Personal Life

Robert has been married to his wife Kim since 1994. The couple lives happily in Arizona. 


The first experience in business for Robert came through when he sold wallets. This business brought him moderate success before calling for bankruptcy. After that, he tried in a retail firm and sold t-shirts. He even got the license in gaining rights for making clothes like wallets, bags, and hats for several Rock bands. But once again his company became bankrupt. And then, during the 1980s, Robert came up with the decision to put his emphasis on education. 

Accelerated Learning Institute is the company where Robert began his journey into the education world. He made his initial attempt in business education in this latter company that emphasized providing education on social responsibility to students. This company was started by Robert in 1985. In 1994, he sold it. 

Then in the middle phase of the 1990s, Robert began creating his empire on an education base, and that would prove helpful in earning a fortune for himself. It all began when his first book If You Want to Be Rich and Happy, Don’t Go to School. With the name of the book, one can clearly understand that it is against college education in the path to success. It rather influenced readers to put their focus upon real estate. During this time, Robert and his wife were active in their real estate business. 

The major turning point in the career of motivational speaker Robert Kiyosaki came with his foundation of Cashflow Technologies company based on financial education in 1997. This was the company that would pave the ownership and functioning of the popular brand Rich Dad, and others. In the same year, Robert’s most famed book Rich Dad Poor Dad got published. 

Rich Dad Poor Dad: A Turning Point For Robert Kiyosaki

Rich Dad Poor Dad is one of his popular books that became the best seller with more than 30 million copies sold. It was self-published by the motivational speaker-author Robert Kiyosaki. When the books garnered a boost, it was chosen by the big publishers. The book maintained its position as one of the best sellers of the New York Times for six years. 

Another gigantic upswing in the sales of this book was when it got mentioned in the popular talk show The Oprah Winfrey Show by the host Oprah Winfrey. Rich Dad Poor Dad indeed became the big factor in paving monetary success and worldwide fame for Robert Kiyosaki. The book earned him the stature of a successful author. 

Concept Of The Book

The title of Robert’s popular book Rich Dad Poor Dad is enough to hint upon its concept. It showcases two fathers from rich and poor backgrounds. Where the rich one is a fictional character, the other is inspired by his real father. The book covers lessons on finance and real estate. It is the best book on knowing how to begin a business. 

Net Worth of Robert Kiyosaki

As of July 2021, $100 million is supposed to be the estimated net worth of businessman, motivational speaker, and author Robert Kiyosaki. He earned his fortune with his famed book Rich Dad Poor Dad and other books including one with Donald Trump, Why We Want You to be Rich: Two Men, One Message, and other ventures. 

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