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Bad Bunny Net Worth, How Much Is Bad Bunny Worth

Bad Bunny is one of the most popular names in the world of music. This talented singer is known for his songs that are mostly in Spanish and Latin. He even partnered with Enrique Iglesias, one of the famous singer-musicians, in songs. Bunny was born in Puerto Rico and rose to fame with SoundCloud. While he was pursuing his studies at Puerto Rico university and was also doing a job in a supermarket, he came in contact with a record label company and signed the deal.

After that, his career kick-started with a hit single, four years ago. He came up with more songs like Mia while partnering with other American rappers. Other than Mia, one of the hit singles, I Like It, rocketed the musical charts, and ranked on top positions. Bunny then made his debut with his album, named X 100pre. Besides becoming a hit, this album even got a prestigious music award.

Bunny is credited for making his music fans grooving over his Latin trap, and making it worldwide popular. With the release of the song, Diles, Bunny rose to fame. But besides his Latin trap singing, he is also admired for his unique presentable personality. If you love his singing style, and his personality, then it is indeed possible that you must be inquisitive in knowing more about his life, career, earnings, and more. So let’s get started in knowing about him.

Personal Details 

Full Name:Benito Antonio Martinez
Stage Name:Bad Bunny
Birthday:10th March 1994
Place Of Origin:Puerto Rico
Age:26 years old
Height:5 ft. 9 inches
Weight:70 kg
Nationality:Puerto Rican
Sexual orientation: Straight
Status:In relationship
Girlfriend:Gabriela Berlingeri
Profession:Rapper, singer, & songwriter
Total Net Worth:$16 million

How Much Is Bad Bunny Worth

Early Life

Bunny was born in a strict catholic family in 1994, Puerto Rico. He got introduced to music for the first time, when during his growing stage, he saw his mother playing different forms of music, including merengue. He was raised with brothers, younger than him. Bunny always liked being in his home, rather than venturing out with his close pals.

Bunny made its debut as a singer in the choirs at a very tender age. Although, he further left it, but got greatly influenced by famous rap artists. After choir, Bunny explored his singing talent in his school in front of his classmates.

It was then, he got a stage name to which he is popularly known today. But there is an interesting and funny story behind it. He got his name when as a child he was being made to wear an outfit of a bunny. He seemed angry at that time.

Bunny was not much of an extrovert in his school days. Instead, he was a shy guy. Although, he came up with his freestyle rap that he presented among his classmates on a funnier side. But during that time, his interest got drawn towards other sports as well.

He was given much advice to pursue his secondary plans, but Bunny was much inclined in achieving his musical dreams, after completing graduation. After leaving high school, he learned audio-visual communication at Puerto Rico University.

But his dreams of music did not allow him to continue his days in university. As a result, he left out and fully became dedicated to his target. He did a customer service job in a supermarket to manage his expenses.

Personal Life

Three years back, Bunny met his lady love, Gabriela, while dining out with his family in a restaurant. When both fell for each other, the dating began and turned into a serious relationship. Soon she was seen becoming too interested in Bunny’s musical career.

She even helped him in song recording. Gabriela also photographed for a popular monthly magazine in America. Bunny even revealed that she supported him at the time when it was needed.


Bunny was working as a bagger in a supermarket, during his studies. Soon his music career took an upward slide when a song of his got uploaded on a German-based music sharing site. The song was Diles, and it became a stepping stone in the career of Bunny. The song became a major hit. A producer in the music field got much impressed with Bunny.

Seeing such popularity, many other artists from the music field initiated to partner on board. It followed more superhits, popular sights, and more bonding with noted American rappers. Last year, Bunny came up with a new musical venture, Oasis with a Colombian singer.

He earned much fame with his top Latin songs. His partnership with a popular American rapper, Drake made the song Mia hitting the American musical charts. Bunny also became lucky to partner with beautiful singer, JLo (Jenifer Lopez) in the launching of the song Te Guste, two years back.

Bunny also partnered with more notable artists of the international level, paving more fame in his musical career. Bunny soon became one of the Latin trap musical singers, grabbing an international fan following. Other than Jennifer, Bunny also joined with another gorgeous sensational Shakira in a special show as a guest performer.

Reaching the year 2020, Bunny set the milestone of becoming a world-famous singer artist. He came up with his studio album and followed with more upcoming albums. His third album became the first one in the Spanish language and topped the musical charts in the United States. The popularity of his third album came through his single hit album Dakiti.

Two years ago, there was more than six billion viewership on his YouTube videos.

Winning Accolades

The success of Bunny’s Latin trap songs made him much popular among his fans. His hit songs even got into the nomination list after rocketing the musical charts. Some of them include I like it. Bunny became a recipient of a prestigious musical award for it. This song also won the musical awards of Latin American.

Net Worth Of Bad Bunny

In 2020, $16 million is supposed to be the estimated net worth of Latin trap singer, and rapper, Bad Bunny. He has garnered all his earnings from his musical feats. His earnings will continue to grow as much as he makes his fans groove over his music.

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