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Rachel Maddow Net Worth, How Much Is Rachel Maddow Worth

Rachel Maddow is a popular name in television news and commentator on political matters in America. Born in 1973 on 1st April, she is famous for her television show The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC airing in night hours. Rachel also does anchoring with American journalist Brian Williams for the special event on the latter cable network. 

Her television talk show program sharing a similar title streamed on an American radio network for five years. Rachel is the recipient of many Emmy Awards for her broadcasting profile. Two years ago, she was also bestowed with the award for Blowout her Best Spoken Word Album.

Rachel is a graduate with a bachelor’s degree and doctorate from reputed universities, Stanford and Oxford. She has no qualms about being a homosexual anchor in hosting several news programs (prime-time) in the U.S. When asked about her views on politics, she replied to being a person with a liberal approach. If you regularly watch news television shows, then you must know Rachel Maddow well. 

However, if you are not familiar with her early life, career, earnings, etc, then today, I will cover all these aspects in this blog. So stay abreast with it till the end. 

Personal Details 

Full Name:Rachel Anne Maddow
Stage Name:Rachel Maddow
Birthday:1 April 1973
Place Of Origin:Castro Valley, California, United States
Age:48 years old
Height:1.8 m
Weight:65 kg
Sexual orientation: Lesbian
Status:In relationship
Girlfriend:Susan Mikula
Profession:Radio personality, Presenter, Commentator, Writer, Actor, Author
Total Net Worth:$25 million

How Much Is Rachel Maddow Worth

Early Life

Rachel was born in 1973 California on 1st April. Her father had served as a captain in the Air Force, whereas her mother worked in school administration. Rachel and her older brother grew up in the conservative Catholic faith. During her school days, she was devoted to sports like basketball and volleyball. Rachel was a good athlete and was a participant in swimming teams. 

After completing her graduation from high school, Rachel went to Stanford University and became a degree holder in public policy. During her stay at this Californian university, there came college news exposing her as a lesbian. Her parents were unaware of her sexual orientation. After gaining her degree from Stanford, Rachel headed towards another well-known university, Oxford, and got her Doctor of Philosophy in politics in 1995. 


Rachel is now 48 years old according to her 1973 birth. She stands at 5’9 inches and weighs 65 kg. She sports a boy cut hairstyle and wears black opticals.

Personal Life

During the end of the 90s, Rachel came close with her lesbian partner Susan. She is an artist by profession and also does traditional photography using Polaroids and pinhole cameras. Both Rachel and Susan reside partly in NYC and Massachusetts. Coming on to her health condition, the TV commentator and news host has a problem with cyclical depression. 

Even though she does not emphasize it, but did mention it during interviews. She is determined to help others who suffer from the same mental condition via proper advice and becoming a self example for them. To keep this mental problem at bay, Rachel does exercises regularly and experiences better sleep. Her hobby is fishing.


In 1999, Rachel started her career as a host at an American radio station, WRNX. She experienced working on The Dave in the Morning Show. For 2 years, she had been a host on WRSI for a radio program ‘Big Breakfast’. Later on, she worked at another AM show ‘Unfiltered’ at a radio network in America. 

She was joined by rapper Chuck D and comedian Lizz Winstead from America. In 2005, began her own radio show ‘The Rachel Maddow Show. This show continued to air, despite its transition into a television news program in the year 2008t until its final closure in 2010. So in either medium, it became popular among the listeners and viewers. 

The show became much more popular in gathering more audience in comparison to other competitive shows on MSNBC. The Guardian newspaper even regarded Rachel as a star of this cable news network. Her self-named talk shows reached a higher graph in terms of viewership. Rachel earned the trust on this show. 

Coming on to her career in television, Rachel made her debut presence on a political-themed show ‘Tucker’. She was a part of seven episodes of Countdown with Keith Olbermann, fourteen years ago. Her other appearances included The Tonight Show, Real-Time, and Late Night with fellow co-hosts. She even became the author of the book Drift: The Unmooring of American Military Power. It was published in 2012 and became a bestseller. 


Two years ago, Rachel faced controversy when a news network from America filed a suit file against her for 10 million dollars. It accused her of defaming their organization by terming it as paid Russian propaganda. Rachel is also criticized for her biases towards liberal approaches. Many critics have pointed out that she often replicates the official views of the Democratic party. However, in her defense, Rachel has refuted this criticism by telling that she is not at all akin to any of the liberal commentators. She denies being partisan and is a national security liberal instead. 

Other Ventures

Besides being a successful political commentator and radio/TV host, Rachel came up with Bag Man, her own podcast initiative. It emphasized the controversy around the former U.S. vice president Spiro Agnew. Rachel had also worked as a correspondent in an LGBT interest magazine from America. She has also proved her prowess as a writer by authoring books including Drift: The Unmooring of American Military Power. The book was published in 2012. Among her other authored books include Blowout: Corrupted Democracy


Rachael is the recipient of several prestigious honors owing to her successful career in television media. She is the recipient of Emmy Awards for news analysis and discussion on her show The Rachel Maddow Show. Rachel won this award two times. Another for her excellent LIVE interview session wіth American political consultant and pollster Kellyanne Conway.

Net Worth of Rachel Maddow

In the current year 2021, $25 million is supposed to be the estimated net worth of political commentator and host, Rachel Maddow. She earned her fortune from her successful career in radio and television talk shows. Her other source of income came from her authored bestseller books. 

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