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Matara Richards: Everything to Know About Her

Matara Richards is an Antiguan woman, who is best known for being the daughter of world famous West Indies cricketer Vivian Richards. She prefers to keep herself away from the spotlight of the media. However, we have gathered some information about Matara.

Today, let’s talk about all the information about Matara Richards such as her birth details, early life, education, work, profession, and other information.

Personal life

Matara Richards is the daughter of Antiguin cricketer Vivian Richards and his wife Mariam. She was born around 1983 to 84. Exact dob is not known to the public. We are assuming her age with one of the statements given by her father. In 2017, her father said that his daughter is 34 years old right now. Given the fact, we can say that today Matara Richards is around 39. Apart from that, there is not much available on the early life of Matara Richards. Coming to her personal life, it is also a mystery to the public. As we already said that Matara Richards is not much interested in being highlighted in the media, she has never ever talked about her personal life.

Parents and siblings

Matara Richards is the eldest daughter of Vivian Richards and Mariam. Her father is a former West Indies cricketer, while the profession of her mother is not known. The date of marriage of her parents is not known. Speaking of the siblings of Matara Richards, she has one young brother named Mali Richards. Besides that, she also has a stepsister named Masaba Gupta, who was born out of a casual relationship between her father and Indian actress Neena Gupta.


Right now, Matara Richards is above 35. She might be a married woman and have kids. However, it is not certain, as the lady herself has never talked about it.

Education and profession

Well, let us tell you without beating around the bush that there is not any information available on the educational background of Matara Richards. With the fact that she is a daughter of a rich father, we are pretty sure that she must have received a good education. As for the profession of Matara Richards, right now she works in the Antigua and Barbuda consulate in Toronto. She is appointed as executive administrative assistant office manager there.

Reason for the popularity of Matara Richards

The main reason for the popularity of Matara Richards is, of course, her father, Vivian Richards, whose personal life has always been a matter of interest for the media.

Net worth of Matara Richards

This goes without saying that Matara Richards is quite successful in her career and she must have earned a huge amount of money so far. Unfortunately, the total net worth of Matara Richards is not disclosed to the public. However, it might not be as huge as that of her father, who has a giant net worth of around 20 million.


Being the daughter of such a popular celebrity and maintaining privacy is not an easy task but Matara Richards has done it beautifully. From early childhood to even till today, she made sure not to disclose much personal information to the public.

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