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Jasper Breckenridge Johnson, Don Johnson’s Son

Recent years have seen more and more celebrity kids defying stereotypes and carving their own career paths. Not just riding on their parents’ coattails. One such celebrity kid is Jasper Breckenridge Johnson, famously known for being the fourth child of Don Johnson. But the young lad has no intention of appearing on the big screens like his father.

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Jasper’s Bio

Jasper Breckenridge was born on 6th June 2002 in California to Don Johnson ad mother, Kelly Phleger. He is a Gemini for all the Zodiac enthusiasts. His paternal grandparents are Wayne and Nell Johnson, with Casey and Greg Jonson as uncles and Deanne and Linda Johnson as his doting aunts.

Jasper has four other siblings, two of which are half-siblings from his father’s previous entanglements. The eldest sibling is Jesse Wayne Johnson, born on 7th December 1982 to Don’s ex-girlfriend Patti D’Arbanville, and currently works as an actor.

Dakota Johnson, the second-born, is a renowned actress best known for the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise. She was born on 4th October 1989 to actress Melanie Griffith.

Atherton Grace Johnson was born on 28th December 1999 to Kelly Phleger and is currently working as a model. The youngest of the lot is Deacon Johnson, who was born on 29th April 2006.

Jasper’s Calling…

Jasper Johnson has been very adamant about not following his father’s footsteps. He even posted on social media that he wants to pursue a four-year degree in business.

He is also an avid basketball player since his childhood days. He has been playing collegiate basketball since his first year. He plays the Shooting Guard and Point Guard positions and has carved a name for himself through the years. Jasper was even part of the West Coast Elite Under Armour basketball team. He led the Santa Barbara High team to victory in January 2020 by scoring the winning basket against city rivals, San Marcos royals.

Family Life

Don Johnson is a celebrated American actor, director, singer, songwriter, and producer famously known for his role as James “Sonny” Crocket in the series Miami Vice. The role earned Don Johnson a Golden Globe Award. He has also been in other films like Machete, Hot Spot, Cold in July, and Book Club.

Kelley Phleger is a former debutante and comes from San Francisco high society. She is a former nursery school teacher in Montessori and works as a socialite. She is also currently working with non-profit organizations.

Don Johnson and Kelley Phleger first met at a birthday party hosted by the former mayor of San Francisco, Willie Brown. They started dating afterward and finally said “I Do” on 29th April 1999 at the Pacific Heights mansion in San Francisco, California. Guess who officiated the wedding. Willie Brown.

Net worth

Jasper hasn’t accumulated a substantial net worth as he is still a student dependent on his father. However, Don’s wealth amounts to a whopping 50 million dollars from his acting and singing career.

And just like his industrious father, we hope that the young lad will surpass everyone’s expectations to become a household name.

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