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How to Get U.S. Citizenship

Becoming a U.S. citizen is an extensive process that involves many steps. Unfortunately, one error on your application is often enough to be denied and may require you to wait an extended amount of time before you can legally reapply. To avoid the ample room for error associated with this process, it is suggested that you get a qualified immigration lawyer involved who can help you work through the process successfully.

In this article, we go over how to get U.S. citizenship with the help of a qualified legal professional who can assist you along the way.

Send Your Declaration Of Intent

The first step in the U.S citizen application process is to officially file your Declaration of Intent for obtaining U.S. citizenship. This information must be passed along to the United States Immigration and Citizenship Service for review and consideration. Note, you must have already been legally living in the U.S. for at least five years to start the application process.

You cannot apply for citizenship before having legally lived in the United States for at least this amount of time. Keep in mind that for the length of time you have lived in the U.S., you must have shown good moral character in accordance with all U.S. laws. To help you file your intent, work with abogados de inmigración en new york, who knows the process.

Study Up On American Government And U.S. History

Study Up On American Government And U.S. History

As part of your application process, you will be presented with the Citizenship Test, which gauges your knowledge of how the United States government functions and the basic history of America.

You must prepare diligently for this exam, just as you would an exam for your public education. Your consideration for citizenship will be weighed with greater support if you can showcase in-depth knowledge and approval of this information.

Apply For Naturalization

Naturalization is the term used to describe the process of applying for one’s green card. You can obtain a green card by having a petition sent in that advocates for you. These petitions are completed by a relative who is already a legal citizen in the U.S., through an employer offering you a permanent job in the U.S., or by the applicant themselves, if they are a refugee or asylee living in the U.S.

Schedule and Pass Your Citizenship Interview

You will schedule a citizenship interview where an officer will consider your qualifications for citizenship in the U.S. Make sure you have included all the documents and paperwork you need to prove your identity and explain matters that raise a red flag to interview, such as past criminal arrests.

You must also be prepared to show your proficiency in English speaking, as this may also be a part of your testing. If you pass your interview, you will move on to completing the citizenship test, as previously mentioned.

Schedule Your Naturalization Ceremony

From this point, you will schedule and attend a naturalization ceremony where you will exchange your green card for a Certificate of Naturalization. At this time, you will take the Oath of Allegiance to the US. and will be officially recognized as a permanent U.S. citizen.

Get The Right Measures In Place

Understand that the process for each of these steps takes time. The amount of time for security clearances alone can take many months to complete. Be patient with the process and be willing to work hard to pass your exam. Obtaining U.S. citizenship is no easy feat, but with enough preparation and patience in place, as well as solid legal support, you can work towards this goal effectively.

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