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Happy Sugar Life Renewal Status. The Plot, and Cast

Happy sugar life is a Japanese psychological horror manga series written by Tomiyako Kagisora. From May 2015-2019, happy sugar life was first published in square enix’s shonen magazine “Gangan Joker” yen press licensed the series.

The anime’s first debut was between July and September 2019 during the anime programming block by the anime television series adaptation by “EZOLA.”

The sugar life series has 12 episodes.

The happy sugar life series first debuted on July 14th, 2018. initially, the anime ended before its manga in 2018 but the manga series ending in 2019. both the manga and anime received good reviews from the audience as well as criticism.

Happy sugar life is an anime horror-based genre, but it does not show any graphic violence or any sexual content but was is narrated makes it horrifying to watch.

Happy sugar life was first premiered in May, a band that ran on JNN, MBS, TB, BS-TBS, and AT-X networks. It was later premiered from 14th July 2018 to 29th September 2018.

And yes, happy sugar life is on Netflix. You can stream it.

The Plot of Happy Sugar Life

The title happy sugar life sounds like a happy title but ironically, it is the opposite. There is nothing sweet about the series or happy about the plot of the series .it is actually disturbing and hard to come to terms with.

Happy sugar life is a dark, complicated show.

It is an anime that involves obsession, and it seems like all characters have an obsession with something, believing that it will make them happy, thus the name “happy sugar life.”

Ironically their decisions are not always good and end up hurting others or even themselves.

The series revolves around a high school girl named Sato Matsuzaka, a girl who seems harmless but has a lot of dark secrets. She becomes friends with a strange girl named Shio, gets very attached to her, and later has feelings for her.

Her mother abandoned shio. After Sato meets up with Shio, they agree to protect each other no matter what it takes.

Will The Season Be Renewed or Cancelled?

The happy sugar life series received great reviews from the audience as well as critics,

In 2018 the anime first premiered on MBS, consisting of 12 episodes.

The network announced there would be no more seasons after the first season.

However, viewers are still hopeful for a second season since the series and the Manga had good reviews.

The Cast of Happy Sugar Life

Happy sugar life is a Deeply rooted story with many twists and turns and relies on sad characters to keep you watching the next episodes.

happy sugar life Cast

Main Characters

The main lead characters of the show were:

  1. Kana Hanazawa-Sato Matsuzaka, Sato is a supporter, a teenage girl who is brilliant in a twisted way who gets attached to Shio after meeting her believing that she is her first true love, and later welcoming her to her apartment since she was orphaned and did not have a place to stay. She maintains a kind face in public To have an income and support her and Shio. in the end, she dies protecting Shio.
  2. Misaki Kuno, as Shio Kobe, a decent little girl Sato took in, cares a lot for Sato. she has a double personality as her traumatic past keeps haunting him, giving her severe headaches.
  3. Yumiri Hanamori as Asahi Kobe, a boy looking for Shio, later revealed Shio’s elder brother.
  4. Natsuki Hannae is Taiyo Mitsuboshi, a high school boy who works in the same restaurant as Sato. killed by Sato after discovering their 
  5. Aya Suzaki is Shoko Hida, Sato’s co-worker who comes from a rich family.
  6. Kaito Ishikawa, as Daichi Kitaumekawa, Sato’s high school teacher who has a crush on Satohe, is good-looking and friendly, but he turns out to be a pedophile.
  7. Kikuko Inove is Sato’s aunt, a relative to Sato who takes care of her after the death of her parents. She is mentally unstable and deeply insane. In the final episode, she is finally arrested for the murder of Sato and Shoko.
  8. Larissa Tago Takeda s Sumire Miyazaki,  Sato’s next-door neighbor, also has a crush on Sato.
  9. Yuko goto as Yuna Kobe, Asahi, who is Shio’s mother. Perceived to be a kind-hearted woman who was forced to marry Shio’s dad, who she did not have feelings for, later getting pregnant and abandoning Shio, claiming she is the reason for her suffering. secret affair with Shio.


Like its manga series, the ending was dark, leaving no room for suspense for the second season.

The creator didn’t have any content material that will be used for season 2.

Most of the episodes are just about Sato dealing with different and new crazy characters. Meaning there is no good storyline.

Happy sugar life is an anime that depicts our daily obsessions and the side effects it brings later. 

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