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“Carole and Tuesday” – All You Need to Know About

Shinichiro Watanabe directed an animated series ‘Carole and Tuesday’, similar to the product Sakamichi no Apollo. The Japanese studio Bones made this series and gave it a platform. It was broadcasted on Netflix that attracted the eyes of millions of people from all over the world. Bones studio is famous for its anime creation, such as ‘Boku no Hero Academia’ and ‘Mob Psycho 100’.

People are now wondering if the third season of science fiction and music anime will release or not. While talking about the anime series, fans seem to be curious about the release date of the Carole and Tuesday Season 3.

In the previous season, viewers saw the story about two girls who came and started their music careers in the series together. The plot is considered the flourishing genre of the series. Still, it has a good score of managing and gaining the fan base.

Let’s move on the what to expect on the Carole and Tuesday Season 3, but before this, lets us remind some main cast and characters of the series and what the story was about!

Characters and Cast of the ‘Carole and Tuesday’

  • Carole Stanley: She is the main character of the series. Carole is an orphan girl who performs her music with keyboards in the streets at night. She also works part-time during the daytime, but she consistently gets fired.
  • Tuesday Simmons: She is a daughter of a wealthy politician. She ran away from her family to pursue her dreams of becoming a musician, an acoustic guitarist.
  • Angela Carpenter: She is a famous model who wants to become a singer and works alongside Tao.
  • Tao: A professional, cool music producer who sells performance at a high rate using artificial intelligence. He mainly prefers AI rather than working with people.
  • Roddy: He discovered the talent of Tuesday and Carole together in a live performance of guerilla. He also works as a sound technician under Johnny Ertegun.
  • Johnny Ertegun: He is a famous DJ who has a bossy attitude. He later on also become the judge of Mars’ Brightest semifinals.
  • Gus Goldman: He is the manager who helps Carole and Tuesday become famous worldwide. Before meeting both girls, he also used to be a rock drummer and big-time manager.

What is the Story of Carole and Tuesday?

The story of Carole and Tuesday revolves around an orphan girl who came to Mars from the world. She lives her life by working hard daily, paying her rent and showing her passion for playing her music in the streets at night.

On the other hand, another important character is Tuesday, Simmons, who was born on Mars in a wealthy family. Her mother, Valerie Simmons, is chosen for the President of Mars. Wealth doesn’t bring her happiness as it was hidden in the music passion, which her mother doesn’t allow to pursue that dream. And one day, Tuesday, she gathered all the courage, ran away from her family, and came to Alba City to fulfill her dreams.

Here, a story took a twist when she saw Carole trying to play her musical instrument on the bridge; this is how their great friendship began. Carole provided her shelter and helped her to stay in her house; they both worked hard to give their music a professional career from nothing.

Will There Be Carole and Tuesday Season 3?

Since the previous season, Bones Studio or Netflix hasn’t confirmed and renewed the Carole and Tuesday Season 3, which came on-screen on May 23, 2021. In this case, we can only accumulate and hope for the possibilities for the third season of the series. In our assessment, we observe the ratings and source material, which indicates the coming up for the anime’s continuation.

What Will Be the Interesting Plot of Carole and Tuesday Season 3?

The fans of Carole and Tuesday are eagerly waiting for the plot of season 3. Since the final season’s release, fans are hoping, looking forward, and wondering what the third season will bring a twist to them. They have so many questions about the series, including:

  • What will be the story of Carole and Tuesday Season 3?
  • What is going to happen during the journey of Tuesday’s freedom?
  • How will the friendship change between Carole and Tuesday?
  • And also, what kind of issue will they face?

They all need answers to their queries, which can be answered only after the release of Carole and Tuesday Season 3.

It is a popular fact that Carole and Tuesday have made their love of their fans feel like an organized concert due to the genre of musical anime. It is hoped that the series’s reputation is more likely to remain in season 3 as well. Carole and Tuesday will become famous and successful with their new songs with their talents.

But they will also face some difficulties dealing with music production, and fans want to know how they will overcome those problems. Meanwhile, there will be political issues on Mars, and all the musicians will gather to make their music freely. Lots of suspense is expected in Carole and Tuesday season 3!

As Tuesday is the politician’s daughter, it seems complicated for Carole and Tuesday to separate from these actions. It is also expected that Tuesday’s mother, Valerie, will lose the elections, which will make a massive difference in season 3. However, Carole and Tuesday will be seen quite successful in owning their popularity in the entire music production of Mars to maintain their music. Carole and Tuesday will also win everyone’s heart and become role models with their talents than other famous musicians.

Since things didn’t work out for Angela in the previous season, there was also a recovery period in season 3. Angela starts admiring Carole and Tuesday, both girls will become an idol for everyone altogether.

Now let’s wait for the Carole and Tuesday season 3 how both girls will continue to support each other and overcome the problems during their career in the upcoming season.

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