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Facts About Sienna Noelle Peeples Chartrand, Nia Peeples’ Daughter

Sienna Noelle Peeples was born on November 11, 1998 and is 23 years old. She is the celebrity daughter born to Nia Peeples and Lauro Chartrand. Sienna is an actress known for her work in movies like Dying for a Baby, One Small Indiscretion and more. She has four step siblings called Christopher Hewett, Anissa Hewett, Colby Douglas Chartrand, and Kelsi Winter Chartrand.

Celebrity Parents

Sienna’s mother is the famous American actress, dancer and singer Nia Peeples. The beautiful and graceful Nia has been in the entertainment industry for over 30 years and is known for her role in many hit TV series like Pretty Little Liars, Fame, and Walker Texas Ranger.

She also has a number 1 music record to her name with the song ‘Trouble’ and has hosted three major music shows. She is one of the first multi-racial performers.

Nia is married four times. She was wedded to Sam George from August 2007 to 2016.  After the divorce, she married Lauro David Chartrand-DelValle in November 1997, which lasted till June 2004, ending in divorce again. She married Howard Hewett in May 1989 upto 1993 and then Guy Ecker from May 1984 to 1986.

Nia has two children, Christopher Eugene Howard Hewett, born on June 19th, 1989 with ex-husband Howard Hewett and Sienna Noelle Peeples with ex-husband Lauro David Chartrand-DelValle.

After her fourth marriage ended, Nia sold all her belongings and went on  a “walk about”. She returned to publish her first book ‘The Little Apple Tree’ and has a second on the way called “Confessions of a Serial Monogamist, Journey Through the Men I loved to the Me I Love”

She is also a key speaker for empowering students and women. Nia signs her autograph with “Love, Joy & Peace.”

Sienna Chartrand’s father Lauro David Chartrand-DelValle is a Producer, writer, director and performer. He has been a prominent figure in the action world of films since 1989. Before that he was a Martial Arts instructor and competitor.

Being influenced by many action heroes of Hollywood, he ventured into the industry and worked for two seasons on the TV series Walker Texas Ranger as a fight director. He thereby went onto being one of the most sought-after action designers in the industry. With time, he became a film director with movies like “Born To Raise Hell” and TV series like “True Justice”.

Sienna’s Film Career

Dying For A Baby: This is a 2019 TV movie from the thriller genre. It starred Christa B. Allen, Amber Lynn Ashley, Grayson Berry, and Nia Peeples. Sienna played the role of Tylor.

One Small Indiscretion: This TV movie was released in 2017. It is a romance and revenge story in which Sienna played the role of Becca.

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