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Blippi’s Total Net Worth: How Much is He Earning?

Stephen J. Grossman, also known as Stevin John, is popularly known by his stage names as Steezy Grossman and then as Blippi. He is an American children’s video entertainer and educator on Youtube, Amazon Video, and Hulu.

Personal Details

Stage Name: Blippi and Steezy Grossman

Full Name: Stephen J. Grossman, also as Stevin John

Gender: Male

Birthday: May 27, 1988

Place of Origin: Ellensburg, Washington, United States

Age: 32

Height: 5 ft. 10 in.

Nationality: American

Sexual Orientation: Straight Male

Status: Single

Spouse: None

Children: None

Profession: Social Media Personality, Educator, and Children’s Video Entertainer

Total Net Worth: $50 million

Personal Life

Stephen J. Grossman, also known as Stevin John, is popularly known by his stage names as Steezy Grossman and then as Blippi. 

Stevin John was born on May 27, 1988, in Ellensburg, Washington, United States. He grew up on what he described of the place with horses, cows, and tractors, in other words, he grew up on a farm. As you might notice when watching his videos shows outdoor activities, farms, and construction equipment. 

When Stevin was young, he wished to become a fighter pilot and a limousine driver when he grew up. Later on, he joined the military.

After his military service and before the Blippi persona was created, Stevin was formerly known as Steezy Grossman, but later on, changed it because of an unfortunate event.

Stevin is popular among mothers all over the internet. They usually would leave comments on how handsome Stevin is.

Stevin is in a long-time relationship with his girlfriend Alyssa Ingham. The couple has been dating since 2015 and going strong.


Military Career

Before he created videos like Steezy and then Blippi, Stevin was in the US Air Force military. He was on active duty as a loadmaster for the airplane C-17 Globemaster, 4th Airlift Squadron.

His job was performing the planning and calculation of cargo placement. After his military service, Stevin worked several jobs and one of his jobs was as a cameraman in L.A’s film industry. That’s where he learned to take videos and edit them.

In 2013, Stevin used the name Steezy Grossman for his gross-out videos. The video content was about a boy that was born a poop when his parents had anal sex. With the name Steezy Grossman, Stevin was able to produce videos of ‘Underwear Man’ and ‘Turdboy’. 

Also in the year 2013, Stevin took a video of himself defecating on his naked friend while performing the Harlem Shake. A few years later, the video was discovered by Buzzfeed. Stevin thought at that time it was a funny act but he regretted having made the video as it was tasteless and stupid. The video was then removed from all search engines and social media platforms with the help of DMCA.

Later on, Stevin created Blippi. The creation of Blippi was when Stevin saw his nephew watching low-quality videos and then made him realize the lack of free high-quality children’s educational content.

Blippi is described as a fun, energetic, childlike, and curious person with his signature dress of orange and blue beanie cap, bow tie, orange suspenders, and blue shirt.

From then on, he dressed up as a bright-colored person who dances around the different areas and environment in America. Stevin’s mom was the one who designed the trademark costume of Blippi. His family is very supportive of his chosen careers. 

It was in January 2014 that he produced his first Blippi video. At first, Stevin has to multitask by doing all the acting, filming, and editing of the video. He took inspiration from other children’s entertainers and educators such as Mr. Rogers.

However, Stevin wants to give Blippi not just an entertainer but also as someone educational, thinking, and acting child person. Blippi’s videos are not your ordinary video content, your children will learn things in the video as Blippi shows them playgrounds, parks, and construction sites. 

Stevin’s aim for Blippi is to give out positive content for the children and emotional touch of learning things. Stevin as Blippi has gained popularity among children and parents. His childlike character and enthusiasm have made a positive impact.

In 2020, Blippi was then acquired by Moonbug Entertainment. They aim to build a multimedia platform for children which is within Youtube.

Stevin John has gained millions of fans all over the world and critics as well. His videos have gained over a billion views on Youtube. The new production team has been expanding in their efforts and endeavors and has also created videos in Spanish, they’ve also released DVDs, has digital multimedia file downloads, produced accessories, and manufactured toys.


Stevin John had some bumps throughout his career and one of them was during his 2019 tour, people criticized the event because it has caused parents to pay a huge amount of money for the tickets and found out during the show and actual performance, it was an impersonator of Blippi performing and not the actual man himself. Parents called the advertising bait and switch. The producers have stated that it was already in the advertisements and also announcements that Stevin John would not be on the tour. In this event, tickets were refunded as well.

Blippi Total Net Worth

Stephen J. Grossman, aka Blippi, is a very fun, talented, and creative educator. He creates kid-friendly video content helping kids learn colors, letters, shapes, numbers, and other kid activities.

Blippi’s videos attract kids all over the world as it also consists of educational songs and nursery rhymes which are fun for the kids to listen to. His videos are well known on YouTube and Amazon Video. 

Stevin John earns his wealth, success, and millions of followers online from being a video artist and creator of children’s learning programs with videos in English and Spanish language. Also, he began to advertise and sell Blippi DVDs and Toys. He has other earnings from his various endeavors such as the retail business of accessories, digital videos, and toys. 

Blippi has an estimated total net worth of $50 million.

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