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10 Wall Décor Do’s and Don’ts

An empty wall space is the ultimate blank canvas, an opportunity to really stamp your personality on a room. If the endless possibilities fill you with fear rather than excitement, you can’t go wrong by following the rules below.

DO Group Framed Photos Together

Photo walls can be a focal point of the home and are the perfect way to ensure your space is unique – after all, no one else will have the same photographs as you! For a contemporary look, consider using plain black rectangular frames for your gallery, or for a vintage feel mix and match with frames found at yard sales. The design options are limitless!

DON’T Use Wall Stickers

Marketed as an effortless way to update your space, peelable wall stickers can quickly change the design of a room. Sadly, as well as cheapening the look, depending on the adhesive used they may also leave your walls marked, meaning you need to redecorate after they have been removed.

DO Add a Feature Clock

A wall clock is a fantastic addition to any wall. Practical and purposeful, a clock will add style to any room and with stockists based in Australia offering designs of all shapes, styles, and colours you will be sure to find the perfect timepiece for your needs.

DON’T Follow a Fad for the Sake of It

It’s common to see the latest trends on Instagram or Pinterest and want to emulate them in your home but remember that what works for one person might not work for you. Pantone announced Very Peri as their colour of 2022, but that doesn’t mean you need to paint your home the dusky purple-blue shade if you don’t like it!

DO Consider Up lights

Dark corners and gloomy alcoves benefit from additional wall lighting. Up lights are the solution and can quickly change the mood of a room. Choose the brightness that best suits your needs whether that is a golden glow or a winter white – you will be amazed at what a difference it makes.

DON’T Shy Away from Colour

Neutral shades never go out of fashion, but they are never really in fashion either. Magnolias, creams, and greys have long been recommended for decorating if you are planning on selling your home, but they can make a room feel cold and devoid of personality. If you have no plans to move, why not splash some colour!

DO Display Art Other Than Prints or Paintings

Prints and paintings are the most popular choice when it comes to displaying art but don’t rule out other options. Wall hangings, dream catchers and tapestries add texture and are an alternative for anyone looking to make their wall stand out from the crowd.

DON’T Hang Unframed Posters on the Walls

It might be the quickest way to update a wall but don’t be tempted to use tacks or tape to put up posters. At best, it will look like a teenager’s bedroom; at worst it can affect the surface of your walls long-term meaning that when you take the posters down the wall could need sanding and plastering.

DO Trust Your Gut Instinct

If your heart is set on hanging shelving or a wall of flowers to provide a memorable backdrop for your selfies, the likelihood is no alternative suggestions will cut the mustard. Go with your gut feeling – after all, it is your home, nobody else’s.

Finally… DON’T Panic If You Change Your Mind

Remember, none of your décor decisions are irreversible. If you decide you don’t like your changes or quickly get bored of your new wall you can always try something different – that is the beauty of design.

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