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Common Styles of Tattooing You Must Know About

It is often very confusing to choose the best tattoo design and the placement for the tattoo. One must make this decision with a clear mind and vision as it is a lifelong decision.

One should at least know the meaning of the tattoo design they choose, and it must correspond with their personality.

Getting inked is a form of self-expression, so ensure you pick something you want to express to the world by putting it on your body.

If you are confused and need to check out a myriad of designs, then you can visit pacho-tattoo ideas. This website is managed by a professional tattoo artist based out of Miami. On the website, you can find inspiration for your next tattoo.

While there are numerous designs, the style of tattooing also varies; from pop and line to classic Americana, there are many design languages as well.

These styles dictate the overall look and feel of any tat. For instance, an anchor made in a single-line design would be minimalistic. But, the same design made with a pop or classic Americana style would be colorful, detailed, and extensive.

So, here are some of the common tattoo styles you must know about.

Classic Americana

This tattoo design language is an old-school style that will make you remember the 70s and the 80s.

Tats made in the classic Americana style have distinctive bold outlines and use a lot of blue and red.

People often choose a nautical element or fierce animal for their Americana style art.

New school

Tattoos made under the new school design tend to be bigger and more detailed. This style takes advantage of numerous colors.

This design resembles the detail and style of a comic book.

Japanese tattoos

The art of tattooing is not a new thing, as it goes back hundreds of years.

Japanese style tattoos are also known as Irezumi and are a classic masterpiece. The design under this style usually contains tigers, peacocks, sumo warriors, and even bonsai trees. Japanese tats are also huge as they cover the whole back or a leg sleeve.


If you admire someone and want to keep them close to you, then getting a portrait of them is a great idea. This style is very detailed, close to the realistic tattoo style. Artists can make perfect renditions of people in color or black and white according to your preferences.

However, if you are considering getting a portrait tattoo, you must check the artist’s previous works to determine the quality.


It is a tattoo style that is inspired by the tribal tattoo style. This style contains thick and bold lines in black color that follow a specific geometric pattern and symmetry.

Many people choose henna designs when they are getting a blackwork tattoo.


It is an up-and-coming style of tattooing made popular by the Gen-Z. This tattoo style usually contains simplistic and tiny tattoos.

For instance, a colon symbol on the hand, a single letter on a finger, rose outline behind the ear.

Once you’ve determined the style of tattoo you want, you can check the website of pacho-tattoo for ideas. Ensure that you thoroughly research and choose the best artist in your area, as the quality of your tattoo solely depends on the artist.

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